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How to Layout and organize your Gmail inbox

 How to Layout and organize your Gmail inbox

Learn how to customize your Gmail layout , how to organize your inbox in Gmail,Gmail

Learn how to customize your Gmail layout and how to organize your inbox in Gmail

There are actually quite a few Gmail settings that every user should know, but who has the time to cover everything in just one video? In this tutorial, we'll focus on some of these Gmail settings and focus on how to customize your Gmail layout and how to organize your inbox in Gmail.

If you are looking for the best Gmail tips, look no further. In this tutorial, I share some Gmail settings that every user should know, including how to customize your Gmail layout and how to organize your inbox in Gmail.

How to plan and organize your inbox in Gmail.

Let's start first with how to customize your Gmail layout. There are quite a few settings you should know to achieve custom layouts in Gmail - and I'll review them all here. Next, we'll walk through how to organize your Gmail inbox.

Firstly, when it comes to customizing Gmail layout and inbox organization, you'll need to take advantage of Gmail's quick settings to change things like density, subject matter, incoming mail type, reading part, and email strings.

Hey friends, I'm Khaled, and welcome to your website, where I share technical advice and app reviews. Let's go to some Gmail settings both a user should know. Let's go!

What will we learn about this interesting topic:

• How to customize your Gmail format.

• How to organize your inbox in Gmail.

How to customize your Gmail format.

Whew, I told you there are tons of settings to customize your Gmail layout. Well, that's what those settings look like.

1. Setting "condenser".

From your inbox, click on the gear icon in the top left, and you'll now get this speed.The settings pane opens on the right side of your Gmail. Back in the day, you actually had to fully tap on Settings to access Settings. First there is the 'Intensive' setting. By default, you will notice that if you have an attachment in a message, it will display on a separate line for you there in your inbox.

I like this default setting because you can get a quick snapshot of the attachments, but you can also click on the attachment itself directly from there without having to open the email. However, if you don't want an attachment to appear like this, you can set the density file to "comfortable" and you will now notice a separate line for the attachment is gone, and you'll be able to fit more emails on one page of your inbox. So if you're okay with the little paperclip icon, and don't need to see the complete attachments, this opinion might be for you. Finally, in the "Condensed" section, we can get more pressure by selecting the "Compressed" option. This will shrink everything further in the width of your page.

2. Setting "theme or design"

So let's now quickly go through the theme settings in this same section, it's basically how you change the background image in Gmail. I like the default look because it's nice and clean, but there are some built-in images to choose from too. If you clicked "View All", you will have a selection of images and themes to choose from, but you can also upload your own images here as well.

How to organize your Gmail inbox.

Let's now take advantage of some of these settings to organize your Gmail inbox. Specifically, we'll start with the Incoming Mail Type settings. This section of your settings has possibly made the biggest difference when it comes to organizing your inbox in Gmail. So, you're familiar with the default view there, but if you select "task first" you'll notice that your inbox is now divided into sections, with important messages at the top of your inbox and everything else below. Now with this switch, you can use these arrows to shrink or enlarge these areas. After that, you can organize your inbox by unread first, by turning on this option. Just as we've seen before, this will create different sections in your inbox, but now with Unread at the top and everything else below.

You can also switch between the "starred first" option to put your starred emails on top. Next up is Junk Mail, which you'll notice that it creates a few sections. You'll have important and unread messages on top, then starred messages, and then everything else.

Now, there's something to keep in mind there, just like with the default and multi inbox setting, you can customize this junk mail setting as well. Click "Personalize" and now, there you can choose which sections of your inbox and which you want to appear at the top of your inbox.

Now let's go back to Inbox and Quick Settings there, and take a look at the multiple inbox option. You will notice that this is similar to adding in some of the filtering sections, and you can customize this as well. Now, this next setup does double duty in terms of customizing your Gmail layout and organizing your inbox in Gmail. This section is the reading pane option. This is where you can achieve the split portions if you are used to working inbox like this - which. By default, we are set to no splitting, which means when you open an email, it opens full here and you can't view the incoming mail at the same time. But you can click to the right of Inbox, you will notice that you can now click on a message and it appears in the right pane keeping all of your inbox messages in the view on the right side.

This is a view you're familiar with in Outlook, so if you have it A is where you come from. You may find this most comfortable for you! In addition, you can easily drag the windows to your liking in order to show more or less messages. You can also split this below your inbox if you'd rather work in a top section like this one. But here's a quicker tip to switch between split panel modes. Once you've played around in this reading pane section of your quick settings, you'll do so.Note another quick menu near the top right of your inbox. There, you can quickly switch between modes without going into quick settings. Now don't get upset if you don't see it on your screen, currently, you already have to switch between this setting from the quick settings and once you're done with it once, this new one will show you a small icon in your Gmail so you don't have to go forward click the mouse multiple times.

The last option in your quick settings is the email threads option. This is when all the responses from your messages are put together well for you. I like it that way, however, if you want to turn it off and have responses as separate messages, you can do that here as well. But keep in mind that this might cause you to accidentally reply to a message that is not the most recent message in the thread.

Now it wouldn't configure it right if I didn't tip you a little down the road, and that might be the simplest of all. It is for quickly minimizing the left-hand Gmail menu from the basic view. that's what I mean. Your default Gmail view will look something like this, with the Gmail menu pane on the file on the left side of your inbox. To quickly minimize this list, just click on the 3-line menu icon at the top right of your Gmail account file. Voila, this left pane has now been zoomed out to only show icons now. But, even better, you don't have to click to access these menu items, you can now just hover your mouse over the left side of the screen and your entire pane will appear. When you move the mouse away, it shrinks again. If you want to restore the full display menu, all you have to do is click on the same 3-line menu icon at the top left.

This is a quick overview of how to customize Gmail layout and organize your Gmail inbox using only Gmail Quick Settings. If you have any other questions about customizing your Gmail layout, just drop them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them. Thats all about it. Did you guys find this guide helpful? What's your favorite Gmail layout? Let me know in the comments below. As always, if you liked this guide I want to know so give it a share or leave this comment below. Here and here for more Gmail tips. Thanks for watching and see you next time.