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How to send files from android to mac

 How to send files from android to mac

How to send files from android to mac

In this tutorial, we will learn how to seamlessly share files like photos and videos wirelessly between my android and mac phones. I finally found a solution that works in a file method similar to an airdrop and the best part is that you don't need to download anything extra it's free and easy and if the file you send to your Mac is a pdf file you can do a lot with it.

The best way to wirelessly send files from Android to macOS without downloading any software.

First, you must have a pdf file editor

Using pdf from wondershare, which is a program, you can do things like underline in general coding and also create a signature for you and you can also do some very cool things like scanning a pdf file that was not originally an editable set, but through this program you can Now choose and edit text from this pdf file with a pdf file that converts the pdf to another file. And you can do this in batches and the program makes it easy to handle and create interactive PDF files with check boxes and dropdowns and you also have the program ability to extract data from several pdf forms into one csv file which is wondershare.

Second: Free Download PDFelement on Windows / macOS:

wondershare is very convenient also has a large amount of tutorials. It is available on our website by clicking on the link below and the item can be downloaded for free on mac windows android and ios and you can use the link below to save up to 50 percent on the desktop pdf element so let's go deeper and start and you will first need to make sure that the pdf file Mac software is up-to-date and works with the latest version of the mac OS program and you will also need to make sure that your android phone software is up-to-date as well on the open system preferences of your Mac OS Select Software Update and make sure you are running the most updated program on your Android device Go to settings and search or search for software update everything now.

How to wirelessly send files from Android to MacOS

After we update let's talk about the transfer file so let's say for example I have a raw image stored on my android phone and I want to transfer it to my Mac wirelessly to do that, I will go to my google images device file library then select the image i want and click The share button What I need to look for is something called Bluetooth sharing now if you don't see it in the popup menu first click more then click bluetooth then select your Mac from the list that appears and click on allow on your Mac then watch file transfer Your own now with imac files transfer at around 42 kbps which is not very fast so if you have a bigger file it might still be better to connect your android device directly to your Mac and use something like android file transfer to transfer these Files, we'll have another article on how to do that soon.

Now if you don't see your Mac in the device list format on your Android device it could be due to some different things firstly, you will want to make sure that your Mac and Android are up to date with their software updates and secondly make sure that bluetooth is turned on for both devices Then go to your mac system preferences in the upper right corner look for the keywords bluetooth screen sharing will appear with a menu on the left Make sure that the bluetooth sharing is checked and the status light for bluetooth sharing is green and double check that the file partitions when receiving the items and when not set Browse other devices to never allow if everything there looks good it should work now This should work with any app on android that can access the share sheet.

So for example, suppose I downloaded a file that is now in the My Files app for android and I now want to transfer that file to my Mac wirelessly, you just have to go in the Files app select the file you want and click on Share and you should see the option Bluetooth Share Okay.