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Top 13 Google Chrome Features: The best features of Google Chrome to use easier


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Top 13 Google Chrome Features: The best features of Google Chrome to use easier

Ready to explore the best features of Google Chrome web browser? You'll learn things like how to pin tabs, how to mute tabs, how to manage audio and video playback, how to enable live captioning in Google Chrome, and much more! Plus, you always knew I had you covered with additional professional keyboard shortcuts and tips along the way.

The best features of Google Chrome to make life easier

Let's get into the best features of Google Chrome to make life easier. The first thing you need to know is that all of these Google Chrome features are built directly into Chrome itself - you don't need any third-party extensions or plugins. We have a lot to cover, including one of my favorite accessibility features, but let's cover it start with all the things you can do with the Google Chrome tabs.

 Feature # 1: Pin tabs.

 If you use the same tabs over and over again in Google Chrome then this advice is for you, it will definitely save you time. For example, I pretty much live in Google Chrome so I always have my YouTube channel open, Gmail and Gcal, and all that good stuff. So in order to easily access one of these tabs, we can just right-click on the tab and select "Install". So you will notice that this tab is immediately scaled down to the icon and pinned to the top left corner of my Google Chrome browser. Now it is worth noting here that once you install a tab, you can open and close other tabs or close the Google Chrome browser completely and that tab will remain pinned to the top left when the browser is restarted. If you want to uninstall a tab for any reason, it is the same process. Right-click on the tab and select "Uninstall."

Feature # 2: Move multiple tabs at the same time.

 Let's say we want to move a few tabs to a second screen, or reorganize our tabs. It's easy to do. Just as if you were choosing multiple files, you can select multiple tabs. We will select one of the tabs we want to move, then hold down the Shift key and select the last tab in the group that you want to move. Now all the tabs are selected and you can move them at your leisure. Now you might be thinking - what if I want to move some tabs that aren't right next to each other? Oh, I got you! Now you will select the tab you want to move while holding down the Control key (ctrl) on the computer or the Command key on the Mac to select the other tabs that you want to move. Once selected, simply rearrange this set of tabs as you wish.

Feature # 3: Create tab groups.

 And yes, this is completely different from moving multiple tabs. But we're going to use some of the tricks we just learned to create these combos. This is a big saver when you compare shopping, or want to keep certain customer tabs grouped together, or email providers grouped together - whatever works best for your organization. So, using what we just learned to select multiple tabs, you can select which tabs you want to be grouped together. Then, right-click on any of the selected tabs and select "Add Tabs to New Group". Here, you can name the new group - and also add emojis if you wish - and then you can even add color, in order to easily identify the group. You can also add a new tab to the group, and you can ungroup everything if you don't want that group anymore, you can close the group or even move the group to a brand new group window. If you want to collapse all the tabs in the group, just click on the title. And do the same. If you want to expand all the tabs in that group. You can also drag and drop a new tab into the group at any time. The same applies to removing a tab from the group, just drag it directly out of that group.

Feature # 4: Mute Tabs.

This is helpful for those of us who get easily annoyed with auto-played video ads on webpages. So, if you find yourself on a site with these annoying video ads, and that interrupts your experience, just head over to the tab at the top. If this site plays audio, it will have a small speaker icon on the tab. Just right-click on the tab and select "Ignore site." Incidentally, certain sites like Outlook for example will automatically turn on a notification sound whenever an email comes in, so that the small sound icon only appears when the sound is playing the notification, but you can still use this trick to mute this tab.

Feature # 5: Send Chrome Tabs to your phone.

 Yes really! For this, you need to install Google Chrome not only on your desktop, but also on a mobile device. So, if you are in the middle of something, but you have to run out and want to finish something on the go, just head over to the tab, use trusted right-click, and this time select that Send to your phone. This is what this looks like. I find you need to be in the google chrome app on your phone directly while sending tab or otherwise can get lost sometimes. So, on a phone   J, I opened the Google Chrome app, and look here - this little puppy app near the top is telling me I've got a tab. All we have to do is click "Open" to open this tab, which is being sent from your Mac to your iPhone.

Feature # 6: Open specific tabs on startup.

If you always open specific sites when you are online, why doesn't Google Chrome do the work for you? For this we will go to the Settings section in Google Chrome by clicking on the 3-dot menu icon in the top left and choosing "Settings". From here, click "On startup" on the left side. Here, you have a few options. I actually find the option to continue where you left off very useful, but you can also select "Open a specific page or page group". From here, you can either add a new page manually, or you can use the existing pages open. So it is clear for this, that you want the sites that you want to be already open and after that you want to select this option. Now when you restart Google Chrome, the tabs you selected will open for you automatically. And before we jump into my favorite Accessibility feature, if you like these tips so far, remember to give this explanation a liked comment.

Feature # 7 - Are you ready for this?!? This is my favorite accessibility feature of Google Chrome.

You can now have Google Chrome automatically add closed captions on video and audio files. And I'm talking about video and audio files from the web and from local hard drive files. Oh! I know! Here's how it works. So let's go back to the Settings section in Google Chrome. This time, click on the advanced option on the left, and select "Accessibility." Here at the top, make sure you have Live captions turned on. Now another professional tip here is that you can even tweak some of your caption preferences like size and style. But this is what it will look like once it is enabled. From any webpage that contains audio or video, closed captions will automatically appear for you. Let's say you listen to one of your favorite podcasts about the murders but need that caption, here at the bottom, the caption starts automatically. Now you might remember I said this works for whatever audio or video content you have on a local drive as well. This is because you can drag any audio or video file into the Google Chrome browser to play it - that's what it sounds like. Let's get a video file from my hard drive and we'll drag and drop it into Google Chrome. Immediately, a new browser tab opens and my file will start automatically in Google Chrome and you look at that, there are AI-generated live captions from Chrome. You love to see it! By the way, there is another way in which you can quickly toggle the live caption on and off without going in and out of your settings.

Feature # 8: Use Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

There is a whole bunch of shortcuts so I've included a link for each of them in the description below. But here are two of my favorite, most used chrome keyboard shortcuts. To open a new tab, you only need to select Control and t on PC or the t command on Mac, and if you want to quickly open Incognito mode, just press the Control button, Shift, and press Computer or Command, Turn n on a Mac.

Feature # 9: Use Security Checkup in Chrome - this is a must if you allow Chrome to remember your passwords.

This is password protection to the extreme! Go back to your settings. On the left side, click on the "Check Security" option. From here, select "Check Now". Fortunately for me, Chrome didn't detect any compromised passwords. If you have some hacked passwords, you will have a red triangle with a white escalation point inside it and you will be able to review all the sites where the password has been compromised file and Google Chrome will also tell you what you need to change in order to protect the passwords.

Feature # 10: Guest Mode.

Google Chrome hidden feature is perfect for when someone else needs to use your computer. So Google Chrome is great because it syncs your bookmarks, passwords, and preferences across all device files, which is really nice for you, but not great if someone else needs to use your computer. So, in this case, all you have to do is open Google Chrome or a new Google Chrome tab, click on the profile icon file, then select "Guest". A new guest tab opens. Now I would still recommend that you close other browser tabs before handing over your computer, or really this would be pointless!

Feature # 11: Integrated audio and video control.

This is a useful feature! You can control audio and video playback from any tab. Like YouTube videos or podcasts, any audio plays in a tab…. I know! So, suppose you have a YouTube video that plays, no matter which tab you are on, you will be able to get a quick view and control which video is playing. So, playing one of my YouTube videos, let's head over to the little music player icon next to your profile picture. Click this music icon to see all the tabs where the audio plays. Okay so Stitcher opens for my podcast, but this is my YouTube video. I can control which option you run Right here in this tab, you don't need to switch back to the specific tab. If you want to quickly return to this tab, just click on the title and this tab will pop up. Remember Chrome's live commenting feature? Well, this little area is the other way you can toggle closed captions on and off, from any tab, without having to go back to your settings.

Feature # 12: Search websites with Omnibox.

I'm talking about searching a specific website without having to manually go to that website first. Let's go to the trusted address bar, and we'll start typing in the website we want to search. So I will type youtube.com here and now on the right side chrome asks me to do so tap on the tab to search inside Youtube. So, let's click on the tab and of course I'll search for myself in Tasia Custode, hit enter and I'm instantly taken to searching for my name via YouTube videos without having to first go to YouTube. This works for Wikipedia or any other site doing the search.

And last but not least, we took advantage # 13: Use ChromeCast to cast to another device that is capable of chrome casting.

This is one of Google Chrome's most used features. There are actually two ways to do this. Firstly, if you want to share a specific website, to transfer your smart TV, click on the three dots menu at the top left of the Chrome browser, then select "Send". Google Chrome will start searching for compatible devices to send this webpage to. Simply select the device you want to send to and that webpage will appear on that device. By the way, if you want to cast a lot, you can keep this Chromecast icon in your bar on the top all the time. Just right-click on it and select "Always show icon". You can now also cast directly from a YouTube video.

So, let's say we want to play this YouTube video on our smart TV. Here in the YouTube video cast, we have the Chromecast icon. If you hover over it it will tell you that this is the 'On TV' icon. All you have to do is select this and the YouTube video will automatically appear on the large screen file.

If you have followed this guide completely, firstly I love you and thank you very much, and secondly, send me a comment letting me know which of these Chrome features are your favorites. Well, these are my top 13 Google Chrome features. Do you think these Chrome features make life easier? Let everyone know in the comments below. As always, thank you very much for following.