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Download MX Player application for Android and iPhone free, the latest version

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Download MX Player application for Android and iPhone free, the latest version

MX Player, the program that we offer you today will benefit all users who enjoy watching various video files, movies and series as well as listening to music files. So, download MX Player for Android with a direct link. The only way to watch dramas or artworks in media mode was to watch TV only, then video devices appeared, which were considered an achievement in the world of media because they allow users to watch all movies, series and different movies. Media files shot with magnetic tapes have replaced accessibility magnetic tapes with CDs of technology development. The picture quality is higher than before, but with the advent of computers, especially the expansion of Internet access and the emergence of many sites and forums dedicated to providing a variety of media files, it has become easier for users to download them and enjoy watching them anywhere. Time. Quality accuracy.

Download MX Player for Android and iPhone for free

Download MX Player for free through the Google Play platform for Android and the App Store platform for the iPhone, where the site showed links to download the Z5 Weyyak application to watch and download many foreign and Arab movies and series, but some fans have difficulty watching foreign and dramatic artworks in English, Hindi or Turkish. Because some sites contain some movies and series and after downloading there is a problem that this work is not translated, in this case many inexperienced people will search for this translated movie or series again to download it from the beginning, although you can only search for the subtitle file Which is too small to be downloaded. Then merge it with the file whose contents you want to see to merge the subtitles with the scenes in the video file, there were many programs that can play this feature on a running computer, but today we offer you MX Player to make this feature comfortable on phones with different operating systems .

A brief overview of MX Player

The first downloaded version of MX Player was released on July 11, 2011, by J2 Interactive, owned by Times Internet of India, and is considered one of the most popular media players, and it was recently reopened on February 20, 2019.. Includes OTT platform which includes many files. Online movie, series and video media is played in India, but this platform does not work outside India, but only because the first versions of the media player software have to work on Windows computers. It can be downloaded via the links below the topic. After distributing phones on Android, a mini version of the app was released for download from the Google Play Store, and on August 25, 2018, a version of the app was released for iOS mobile devices to work with iPhones.

MX Player for Android and iPhone

MX Player is a small size that helps users download and install the program easily on computers and phones, as it does not require a large amount of mobile memory or hard memory, and the first feature we care about is Mactopia providing everything new and without free applications and games as is the case With MX Player, you can download with quick direct links through the official stores at the bottom of the theme, and the program supports separate subtitles from these media files, which helps users to integrate subtitles even text files that appear in the movie in many styles. By displaying different subtitles in terms of font type and size to meet the needs of all viewers, the program includes a screen lock feature, which means yes you do not accept touch commands to prevent your child from leaving the video and notifications will appear alerting you when downloading media files to your phone that it will work directly.

MX Player App Explained

After downloading MX Player to your mobile phone according to the operating system, using the links at the end of the topic, you will find that the program is very easy to use as it will display the folders in the program repository. So that you can easily access the file that is running, the program icon will float on the surface of the program so that you can quickly access the last video file that was played in the program, and a message will appear warning you if you want to turn off the video link to the end point.

Translate movie or video files in MX Player

You can open movie or video files and get their subtitles using a separate subtitle file by executing the following commands:

  • Click on the three lines sign in the top right corner, then click on the Translate option.
  • You can access the subtitle file if it is available on your phone by clicking on the word open.
  • If the translation file is not available on your computer, you can click on the online translation option and the program will search for the translation file online.

MX Player features 

  • MX Player is free to download and we have promised you all new and free apps and games on Mactopia.
  • MX Player works on multiple versions of Windows computers and laptops.
  • You can test MX Player on Android mobiles, which you can download from the official Google Play Store.
  • The application works on mobile phones running the iOS operating system. It can be downloaded from the official Apple Store to work with iPhones.
  • MX Player is short for playing different types and extensions of media and video files on mobile devices.
  • MX Player is small in size, making it easy for users to download and install on mobile phones, as it does not require a large amount of phone memory.
  • Contains The program is based on a huge platform that includes many Indian artworks, but this platform only works in the state of India.
  • The program supports separate subtitle files, through which the video files are played easily with built-in subtitles.
  • MX Player includes more than one mode for displaying subtitles in video files by changing the font size and type.
  • The application supports alerting users when they download all media files that can be played directly in the program.
  • You can activate the screen lock function to prevent your child from locking or pausing the video file and giving other commands to your phone.
  • The program is characterized by an elegant interface with a simple design that facilitates the use of the program without explanation.
  • MX Player supports many different languages, the most important of which is that it supports a full Arabic interface, which increases ease of use in the Middle East after removing the language barrier.
  • You can adjust screen brightness as well as use it as an online video player via internet.

New features in MX Player video player

  • You can now customize the options available in the launcher interface.
  • Improve the trigger to better respond to touch screen actions to stop and start early.
  • Now supports online subtitle search via opensubtitles.org.
  • Adding more than 50 different and distinctive games.
  • Introduced Battle Mode for a group of players like Ludo and Quiz to participate in a challenge with another opponent.
  • Includes more than 22 million songs from all over the world with the ability to create your own playlists.

Download MX Player

The most important section in our topic today is to provide free download links for MX Player on our website through the link below to work with computers and mobile phones with different operating systems with quick direct links through official stores. Quickly download MX Player and enjoy playing all types and formats of video files on your mobile device.