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brand importance and how are the keywords in your title used for branding purposes?

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brand importance and how are the keywords in your title used for branding purposes?

Brand importance - should you use keywords in your title or give it a unique name for branding purposes? Today, I'm going to talk about why you are using the keywords in your title or giving them a unique name for the purposes of promoting brand importance.

Brand importance

Should you use keywords in your title or should you give it a unique name for destination brands? Do you use a high score or use a unique name for branding purposes? Why is the Brand importance?

See, this is really a good question because this highlights the problems that we have with apps and games crowded in a store and a crowded storefront, is that we have to start naming our apps more searches because unless your app gets a premium name or you have a really good marketing budget nobody will find it, so Let's say you have like a shooter, let's say you have a game that's like a shooter and you want to call it, “Rain of Bullets” or something really cool like this, you have like a cute little story. Everything is perfect but then you probably think you should call it, “The Ultimate Shooter Game”.

Brand importance for SEO or ASO purposes?

Ultimate shooter game is a terrible name, it's a user experience you might want it like that but that's maybe a better name to research and brand importance, maybe not a better name to search because the shooter game means it's probably crowded but you get what I say like Your position is like high ranking keywords and in your title just so that it ranks in the search and that shows the importance of branding.


So this is it, you want the best user experience. I mean, you are an artist so you put something that you want, a really good name behind it, and you want to have a really good brand but you also want people to find it and of course it shows the importance of branding in the short term.

Subtitle on Brand importance

The solution we use most is \ "Subtitle \". So the subtitle I talked about is your two names for the application. You have one application for your name which goes under an icon that goes on your title screen and then you have one for the Play Store.

Now you're out of your title for the Play Store will be totally different it will become \ "Rain of Bullet: The Ultimate Shooter Game \" or whatever keywords you're looking for are right and I haven't actually released a shooter game until I know maybe this road is too crowded. I mean you can try changing the name only temporarily to see if you are getting bumped into the downloads because people are actually finding it. Use things like Google Keyword Planner, if you have a Sensor Tower or a Mobile Action app that use these to see what people are looking for and which have low competition and do something like this. I once read a book where they said, “You shouldn't call it what you want to call, it's called place. It's like saying what you're doing because you're not an artist writing a book.

You basically want to be found and I don't totally agree with it I think you want the best user experience and if you are looking for looking for like a shooter then you typed in shooter in console search google play then i found the ultimate shooter game. I probably want to download it because I just mean it's a stupid title but if it says rain from bullets, then yeah that might be a little more interesting, but those two of them I mean how you can arrange it.

Of course if you use advertising and have marketing then that's not much of the issue. You can build this branding another option that might be, and I've seen people do this on YouTube, where theirs is called a YouTube channel, something they do like a lot of programmers do this like that would be like their channel, something called to do with programming and then it gets more subscribers and more. Of followers and it starts getting some steam and then they change it to be more for a personal brand until they change it to be his name or a different name or they will try to change it, but in order to get it these first viewers actually have them say what they are doing and they will talk about something very special on what They do. Even just a few different there are thoughts on that because we tried both ways and changed the titles of some of the apps, we just have to see if they would do any improvement.

Sometimes it does and always that nice thing about the subtitle is that you can change it I mean you can't change this iOS unless you edit another binary but you can change it on GooglePlay all the time and sometimes Apple will actually reject it if it's not close. Enough of the actual application address. Let me know the rest, guys.

This is branding importance - you should either use the keywords in your title or give it a unique name for branding purposes. Today, we talked about why you are using the keywords in your title or giving them a unique name for the purposes of promoting brand importance.