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Download Anghami app for mobile and computer free

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Download Anghami app for mobile and computer free

Anghami application: Welcome to my dear friends, visitors to the Al Fares information site, there are many free moments in which all people around the world feel bored, but after the launch of smartphones with very impressive specifications that make it easy on a small computer and put it in your pocket and browse it and it contains all its features The distinctive feature, the most important of which is its high-speed Internet connection after the development of the Wi-Fi function, so many communication applications appear, and the last of these links are displayed on Download the ToTok program, which enables writing along with the free voice and video calling feature with your friends and family anywhere in the world With ease, this type of application is reaching a lot of software production companies and developers launching programs designed for Tele mobile business because it is more popular among all people to use in their spare time wherever they are for free. Download the Anghami mobile and desktop app for free.

Anghami mobile and computer app

Anghami mobile and computer application - Previously, download links were shown to download the LINE LIVE program, which was developed from the old model and which was a chat application in the new form, to become a wonderful platform containing a lot of people which is similar to the famous program Tik Tok. A program to spend your free time to learn about the skills and talents of celebrities from all over the world, but there are many people who love to spend their spare time in peace, especially when they are tired and on the road to travel and want to relax, and at the moment looking to play some beautiful music tracks and songs according to taste Who likes to listen to it, but at the moment he is looking for a YouTube site or application that causes a large volume of data to withdraw from the Internet in addition to that it lacks a lot of songs in it, so we will provide you with the Anghami program, which is the legitimate way that it offers you to listen to a huge library It contains many music clips and songs that are updated regularly. So, we recommend that you download the Anghami mobile and computer application and enjoy this wonderful program.

Information about the Anghami app

Anghami App - The first version of the Anghami app download was released in November 2012 provided by a private company founded by Elie Habib and Eddie Maroun, based in Jal el Dib in Lebanon, with more than 100 employees, and it is a live music program that streams the largest encyclopedia of the song. Especially with regard to Arabic songs, and it is the first music platform to obtain a legal license in the Middle East and North Africa. The app has obtained many legal licenses from major Arab production companies, including Rotana, Platinum Records, Mazica, Melody, and many other companies. Leading global productions such as: Universal, Sony, Amy, and Warner Bros. The Anghami app works on phones running the Android system. You can download it from the Google Play Store. You can test Anghami on iOS mobiles by downloading it from the Apple Store to play it.

Anghami application for computer, Android and iPhone

The first feature that we are interested in in the Al Fares Informatics website is to provide everything that is new and free of applications and games, as is the case with the Anghami app. You can download the Anghami app for free through direct links through the official stores below. Anghami is characterized by its small size, which helps the user to easily download and install the program on his devices, as it does not require a large space on the hard disk or mobile storage memory, and the application provides you with a huge and updated library, which contains more than 20 million songs with different tastes, genres and languages ​​to listen to it via The Internet is free, and it also allows you to download it by opening some other features of the application, but by paying a monthly subscription, Anghami supports many different languages, but it has a full Arabic interface, due to the increased use of the Arabic company for the application for users in the Middle East region.

Anghami app features

  • You can download the Anghami app for free, and we promise you all that is new and free on the Al Fares Informatics website.
  • It contains a huge library of music tracks and songs of various genres and languages, amounting to more than 20 million songs to enjoy for free.
  • Anghami app needs your device to be connected to the internet as it works offline to listen to songs.
  • Anghami works on mobile phones running the Android operating system, which you can download from the official Google Play Store.
  • You can test Anghami on iOS mobiles by downloading it from the official Apple Store to make it work on iPhones.
  • If you want to enjoy this huge library of songs on your computer, you can download the program to work on the Windows operating system in different versions with direct links via the official website from the bottom of the topic.
  • The Anghami program is characterized by its small size, which helps the user to download and install the application easily, whether on computers, laptops or mobile phones with ease, as it does not require a large storage space on the hard disk or memory.
  • Users can download their favorite tracks of songs, but they have to pay a monthly fee to take advantage of this feature.
  • Anghami with a beautiful and elegant interface that attracts many users from all over the world, in addition to the ease of controlling the application.
  • Anghami supports many different languages ​​in addition to a full Arabic interface, which enhances the usability of the application after removing the language barrier for users in the Middle East region.
  • The application developer staff is interested in constantly updating the application to increase new features, such as increasing the performance and speed of the program and resolving all problems continuously.
  • A legal and legal interface with licenses from many production companies, especially Arabic, so that all exclusive songs are released for free as soon as they are released.

New features in Anghami app, latest update

  • iOS 14 support with the latest update, as well as more intelligent tools for ease of control.
  • Quick control of the music directly from the home screen, making the experience more smooth.
  • Solving all problems that users face, as well as improving performance.
  • The most important feature that everyone requests is Live Radio to listen to randomly selected songs.
  • You can choose the music you like and then send an invitation to your friends to listen to the same music.
  • Your friends can leave comments to express their opinion on your tastes in choosing the songs.
  • New riders will enjoy the beautiful and smooth river on board.
  • Now you can search for your favorite songs and albums directly from the artist's profile.
  • Edit your playlist by deleting or re-arranging any song you want.

Download Anghami app

The most important section in our topic today is to provide a free download program for songs on the Al Fares Informatics website to work on computers, laptops and mobile phones with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores. Hurry up to download the Anghami app and start enjoying many exclusive songs and old songs in many different languages ​​for free.