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Download Antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone free | antarctica 88

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Download Antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone free | antarctica 88

Antarctica 88 - Welcome to the game Antarctica 88, Antarctica 88, yes, this is a science fiction horror game, so we must pick up the gun, this is a hunting game and it is available on Android and iOS. I will put the link below, just download the game Antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone for free.

It's a new game like I said it's a sci-fi horror with puzzles as well, yeah, you got right there the sea goblin, but basically you have to move the kite, so you can jump on the kite I mean at the top.

Download the Antarctica 88 game for Android and iPhone

Antarctica 88 is now available on Android and iOS, and you can download from Google Playstore and iOS through the Appstore. Just what you need to do is free download Antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone and enjoy immersive games. Survival horror and extremely creepy action adventure in the best new free scary game! Take action and survive in a creepy adventure in one of the best horror games and truly creepy games!

A brief synopsis of the game Antarctica 88

• Game name: Antarctica 88 Antarctica: Scary survival horror game

* Size: about 200 MB

• Genre: Action, Story Mode, Offline / Online, Horror, Survival, Story

Use headphones for the best experience.

The ANTARCTICA 88 Full Game Walkthrough (iOS, Android) The game takes place at the "Antarctica 1" station. During recent months, your father Vladimir Efimov's expedition has been busy breaking through the ice and investigating the ancient minerals in it. A month and a half later, the pledge stopped the correspondence. As a piece of a four-person rescue crew, you need to understand what happened there. Nobody will hear you screaming!


Explain puzzles, explore, collect items and use them to understand the story and try to escape the ice of Antarctica alive in our horror horror game.


There are many endings in Antarctica 88, and the outcome of the story will only depend on your activities and options. Will you be able to unlock all endings and discover the whole story? Play Antarctica 88 again to find different endings.


In the event that you like scary games and horror games - you will love this hate in the ice! Make an effort not to scream!


Highlights of the horror game Antarctica 88


An exciting story with many endings

Several types of monsters and weapons

Great designs

Original creative soundtrack

Hardcore puzzles

Full Hate: Unusual constant interaction, unexpected screams and terrible atmosphere

Should I download Antarctica 88?

Antarctica 88 - The game is in progress and we're making a good effort to make it as cool as expected under the circumstances. If you have great ideas, just keep in touch with us. You can follow improvement progress in our informal communities.