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Download Antarctica 88 game for Android and iPhone free | antarctica 88

Download Antarctica 88 game for Android and iPhone free | antarctica 88

Antarctica 88 - Welcome to the game Antarctica 88, Antarctica 88 Yes, this is a science fiction horror game, a less difficult adventure in Antarctica with more health crews, a new weapon and less enemy despite the arrival of a new type of monsters. Download and install antarctica 88 Antarctica on your phone.

Avoid wasting time picking up any ammo after completing both caves because gun ammo is good enough to finish the game. From the game I managed to get 4 endings. If there is any other end please let me know in the comments section.

Download Antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone free

Antarctica 88: Scary Action Survival Horror Game is a mobile game available in both IOS and Android. You can download the game from Play Store and App Store. So download Antarctica 88 Antarctica one of the best scary adventure and action games for free now! Through the link below.

A Brief Synopsis of Antarctica 88

Antarctica 88 Antarctica: Horror Game - Extreme Scary Horror Action-adventure horror in the best new free scary game! The monster can see where the cave is and where, by playing Antarctica, I know one cave dungeon and dungeon two. I can not. Check out the map I know the cave.

It seems he has to jump. During the past six months, an expedition for Vladimir Efimov's parents, an exploration of the ice found research into prehistoric fossils at the station Antarctica 1, six weeks ago the expedition stopped. Keep in touch Today I came with a rescue squad of four to find out what happened next. I have no idea what awaits me in front of Jack Alexei Harry's maidens.


But the names, Professor Antonov say to everyone, urgently stop testing samples. They are alive. They attacked us in the caves. We met more terrible creatures who must kill the companion of the bulls immediately, destroy the samples to prevent them from spreading I take the key card from the Yefimov armory is the only chance to survive on Alive, very much we need help with urgent moving the drilling plant to us as soon as possible.


The father is sure that he is alive and therefore and son is on a little more than that. Now you will be fine and completely sail the cave after studying the habits of these creatures, be careful, they are quite slippery, but they hear completely, so sit quietly. I will close the door and leave me a gun. Trying to get to the very bottom of the cave, where we have executed the explosives. There should be work with dynamite with the help of which we can detonate the blockage and get out.


Intel went crazy. He's obsessed with looking for a tapestry. No, it prevented us from destroying them with bullets. Antonova, father of eagles, and apparently hurting me, the talk of the funicular, if I saw him, shoot him in defeat. I lost a lot of blood. If someone finds this record, you know you should take dynamite and blow up the entrance To the caves and the laboratory with the samples afterwards, left on an ice wagon in the evacuation call from the radio tower remembering evacuation code 117 This will not allow a single creature to reach the continent


Dad are you alive how do you kill all your friends what happened to you, they just don't do that understand how much these unique creatures wanted to destroy everything i didn't have to work for a long time kill the whole team to continue my study you understand no, i lost your mind how Leave me no choice. I'm sorry this happened but these are unique, the creatures have become the meaning of my life they have lived in this cave for millions of years and no one I did not even know about that, I studied all of them habits and found a way roughly with them to communicate I'm sure they are not Two villains and that one I'll be able to establish contact with.

Monsters Blow Up | Antarctica 88 Antarctica The horror game ends, it is time for these frightening creatures to become extinct by deadly explosions and have a wonderful helicopter escape.

antarctica 88 for Android and iPhone

If you want to play the best scary games and scary horror games for kids - then you will definitely love this evil puzzle in the ice with monsters! Download and install Antarctica 88 Antarctica for Android and iPhone as one of the best scary action and adventure games for free now! Through the link below.

Should you download Antarctica 88 Antarctica?

Really, Antarctica 88 Antarctica is a great game and worth a try. Just what you need to do is click on the link below and download antarctica 88 Antarctica to your phone and enjoy immersive games.