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Download Neighbor for Android and iPhone free | Neighbor

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Download Neighbor for Android and iPhone free | Neighbor

Neighbor (android, ios) is a unique horror puzzle experience with some strange quirks. Let's talk about that. Here's a review of Hello Neighbor and Neighbor game. Does the game live up to all the hype? Does it meet expectations? Watch and discover!

Download neighbor for Android and iPhone free

neighbor is now available on Android and iOS, download from Google Playstore and iOS through Appstore. Just what you need to do is free download Neighbor for Android and iPhone and enjoy immersive games. Survival horror and action adventure! Do something and survive in a creepy adventure one of the best horror games and truly scary games!

Brief About the Neighbor

Hello to Neighbor It is a controversial game itself these other games share the same amazing story discussions that claim this game is going, be the hell of a savior neighbor and this game will definitely sabotage the series because of war or because of artificial intelligence or just because it was not.


What they were hoping for anyway, what would I do for you guys going through every match and making a realistic assessment on the basis of which games were the best and which were worse, and of course the overall fun so this would be just an outside view of enjoying the game, not about the Lord's story.

Okay, so the first thing we're going to go into that we're talking about is Hello Neighbor, the original classic game that brought, starting a small bill to fame and jumping the whole series, now as I'm going to arrange this of course through the final game.

Gameplay in Neighbor

So the first thing we need to talk about the gameplay in Neighbor, the gameplay was superior to the puzzle method, but it's terrible in terms of the platform that even though its neighbor had a good mix of the two I would give him the benefit of the doubt to own things like one house did which is Pretty much pure puzzle based on the game too.

When it comes to some really difficult puzzles, whether that is positive or negative is up to the user, but I will say that it is a few of the two because the puzzles make the game, in fact it takes a while but then there are some puzzles that get in your way just kind of ruining the artificial intelligence experience It was the final game to be relatively straightforward, I ended up dropping AI throughout my alphas a.

Much of what it gives us a neighbor in the end was just an inconvenience.Maybe even say that this is one of the worst ais of all games, in addition to this Neighbor Yet the idea of ​​originality is finding out what's under his basement, breaking into a house and solving puzzles while being chased by the owner himself is something that didn't It's done before, not even anything similar to that with what is being said however, it's a crazy original game that is what makes it up to 7 out of 10 good authenticity for me good puzzles but bad AI, not the most user-friendly game overall anyway. Hello, game.

Neighbor is in hiding and seeks to find Neighbor Heinz as one of the worst games especially since the sequel to the really successful Helen, Neighbor Although I don't think it deserves a crazy low rating for this game and the AI ​​is terrible, means the kid is hardly part of the game but again the originality and puzzles It is a very cool idea.

Trying to get all the stuffed animals, opening different paths and roads, getting places very small, can build right if we all being honest with the rating, I'll also give it a 7 out of 10 because it really amazes me as another neighbor.

The premise of hello the neighbor tempts me after I grew up in the suburbs with an overactive imagination as the protagonist of the unknown brave child.

Ultimate goal in Neighbor Three actions to find a way in the neighbor's basement and uncover what he is hiding as he roams trying to find you and kick you out from the simple intrusion system gets annoying very quickly especially earlier levels where the house is very narrow. That the neighbor was practically at the top the whole time no matter where I was the floor plan becomes larger and more detailed across each of the three verbs but getting caught so much early on was already de-stressing by that time the level layouts and subsequent verbs are awesome.

Neighbor adventure game is actually a combination of elements and actions needed to make progress that often has no logical meaning at all, it becomes just trial and error instead of something equivalent to observed intelligence or ingenuity, to give one example I had to freeze a pool of water So I could walk across it by placing a recuperated globe from a mysterious corner of the house in a neighbors' refrigerator and then placing it on a base of what how the pool froze.

Neighbor features

There are rewards for navigating this maze at least the basement sections at the end of each, doing effective in creepy escalation and even presenting some outright horror general mood and feeling that something is always just a little bit of well constructed in perhaps in terms of graphics and sound.

Should you download Neighbor?

The Neighbor was always intended to be more than an experiment, having a complexity and an eccentric inner logic that suggests a kind of Byzantine. Neighbor is a game worth a try. Just download Neighbor for Android and iPhone for free by clicking on the link below.