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Download Pepsi Man game for Android and iPhone free | Pepsi Man

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Download Pepsi Man game for Android and iPhone free | Pepsi Man

Pepsiman is an action game developed and published by KID for the PlayStation. ... the player focuses on avoiding obstacles by running, dashing and jumping, while Pepsiman automatically runs forward through each stage of the game. Download the Pepsi Man game for Android and iPhone for free.

Pepsi Man for Android and iPhone, free of charge

Pepsi Man - You can download Pepsi Man for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link through the link below. The Pepsi Man game where you are Duff ... I mean Pepsiman, as you run through different levels collecting Pepsi cans and avoiding obstacles. I am upset that Dr. Coca-Cola was not your archenemy. While this game has a strange premise and not impressive graphics, it is an enjoyable experience. I have reviewed some amazon listings and a remake of this game is very expensive. But used copies are fairly cheap. I've seen some for around $ 50 on Amazon and Ebay, if you're a collector.

Pepsi Man - Now that's what it calls sinister corporate ads. A game that shows a man named after a producer who gives these products to people because everyone "needs" them to live. It's still a fun game though.


I couldn't get all 100 boxes per stage because some really need strict timing and I've been boosting 50% of the time because it's fun to play fast.

A brief summary of Pepsi Man

Hey let's start the game Pepsi Man. Pepsi man is a weird game to say the least. It's a weird mix of Temple Run Road Rush and Duffman from The Simpsons Pepsi The guy is basically this satirical superhero who solves people's problems with Pepsi, like saying there are some people trapped in a house shooting something, and they really are Suffering from extreme thirst a firefighter tells a Pepsi man to go get him some Pepsi or something cool.

There is a level where modern Detroit happens. I think you can kind of weigh this to something like a freestyle game or an endless running game like saying Temple Run but it's not infinite, there is an actual goal for you to reach in every level there are endings to levels your goal is to run Simple levels before the timer reaches zero, avoid all obstacles such as construction workers people walking around mailboxes and train cranes only all you can think of civilization will be on your way and you must avoid it, and you also have to avoid collecting as many floating Pepsi cans as possible.

Now possible while this game is weird and obviously has a tongue in his cheek, well, this is one of those random, weird, fun crap games that play the graphics are pretty decent they don't reach the 1999 standards but technically speaking, they're okay the controls are really smooth no matter what Do it, for example, Pepsi. A person can only run but also when they run in disheveled condition they can pick up a bunch of different types of vehicles or different ways to traverse environments like running to a shack and bringing this trash can stuck to their head and their movement.

Now it's reversed because he obviously can't see that whenever you press the left it goes right and when you press the right it goes to leave it a kind of handicap for you a little bit, on the other hand there are things that can help you like saying picking up a skateboard makes you go faster and makes your jumps Really high so you can jump over it.

Pepsi Man game features

Almost anything means you don't have to so go left and right jump over every obstacle despite the graphics are not that impressive technically I love the graphics in this game, looks like the way everything is 3D Rush like a cardboard cutout except for the Pepsi man himself but it's colorful, there A lot of things on a screen, a lot of things that you would expect to be at your different levels.

To go through everything in this game, weave together to make a nice warm jacket for you, it's not a jacket you'll wear year-round, but it could be the time in place for a Pepsi man who played on those strange days when you just weren't sure what you wanted to run, like you're craving something. It is not an FPS and it is not an RPG. You don't know what you want to do for you. I didn't even know if you wanted to play it. You just entered Pepsi, which is weird enough and fun and exciting enough which is challenging enough.

Should you download the Pepsi Man game?

You will have a lot of fun no matter how long you play this game because it will make you come back probably not every day for a month in a row but I can see myself playing this game a few times a year maybe thirty minutes every time a Pepsi guy can, too Getting very little challenge There are parts in this game that will need to restart multiple times even while this is a wacky tongue-in-cheek casual game, it also requires lightning-fast reflexes at certain points I'm amazed at this good game, it's basically An ad for Pepsi would be good but it's a solid title I honestly pleasantly surprised a Pepsi man to officially get PlayStation 1 Birdman standing on a rating of 8 out of 10.