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Google Play Services | Google services update for direct publishing


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Google Play Services

Google Play Services | Google services update for direct publishing

Google Play services - Are you looking for an alternative to Amazon Kindle for direct publishing? Do you want to reach a very large and wide audience on the world's largest and most used search engine? Then you may want to consider Google Services to distribute your e-books. I'm going to talk more about the pros and cons of Google Play services today, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Google services update for direct publishing

In this tutorial, we take a look at the new Google Play services update. It became available recently in many countries.

A brief summary of updating Google services

And if you want to know more about Google Play services, let's give an example about how to publish your own books through Google Play services, and build an unstoppable brand for the author.

Today it will be more than a brief overview when it comes to Google Play services, why you should take advantage of this route, or why you should not. There is one more deep dive when it comes to Google Play services that my wife and I have discussed in a previous live broadcast.

If you already have a Google Play Books account, folks, make sure to log into your account because there has already been a change in terms of Google Play services. And if you don't agree to that here soon, they will end up freezing your account, and you want to get consent to the terms of Google Play services. And we will talk a little about the terms of these Google Play services here in today's explanation.

An example of Google Play services

An example about Google Play services is the Google Play Books app. So what is Google Play Books anyway?

Well, think of it sort of how Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has an Amazon platform for distributing Kindle books. Google Play Books does just that. Of the Big Four Amazon alternatives, Google Play Books handles this family well. And I am happy about that. But there is its fair share of positives and negatives. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

Just to be clear, Google Play Books only distributes e-books, does not cover print-on-demand, and does not cover audiobooks yet. Also, you must have to write your files in either PDF or EPUB format. They will not accept DOC or DOCX as you would expect from KDP.

But why exactly is Google Play Books one of the best Google Play services?

Why would you consider posting on this platform Google Play Services anyway? Indexing on Google. Indexability is another way of saying it which makes it searchable in the world's largest and most used internet search engine today. So by listing your books through Google Play services which are Google Play Books, you increase the possibilities of discovery. This does not mean that you will not be discoverable on Amazon through Google's search engine. But you definitely greatly increase your chances of discoverability, when you go directly to a Google Play Services platform that Google uses. Look inside. Much like Look Inside on KDP, there is some sort of in-house program visibility, now that might mess up what they actually call, basically, there's a sample of content that you can show to a client surfing the internet, or potential readers. It usually starts out about 10% of your book, but you can actually modify it for more.

Now, this is a really cool feature of google play services where they will index this content. So whatever this percentage of See Inside is, it will actually be searchable through Google's search engine.

Now, it could be good, it could be bad. This is up to you, about how much you want to show it to an exciting general audience online. International distribution. Exit to 75 countries in total, with some restrictions applied in some regions. This is a fairly large access. Of course, again, Google Play services, everywhere, it is used almost everywhere. So 75 countries, that's really crazy. I will say the only thing closest to this kind of distribution is Amazon. Until then, Google is introducing Google Play services in regions that even Amazon has not covered yet.

Now, let's talk about the royalty structure, because that's what changed kind of, and you've mentioned something about the changing terms of service. And it is actually for the best. And something that feels really good to hear is that it sounds like Google Play Books really wants to work with you author, get it to where there's a little bit of value exchange, instead of that low percentage that we were getting before. And what we were getting originally was 52% royalties. You compare that to say something like Amazon KDP, where you get 70%, within that cool spot, or 35%.

Well, 52% is definitely better than 35%. But we can all agree that this is definitely less than 70%. Well, they decided to step up their game, it was as if they were paying attention to Amazon. And they were like, "Oh, maybe we need to tweak this somewhat" because clearly, "our competitors are doing the right thing."

So they just announced this 70% option that's available in the US, Canada, and Australia. Knowing about Google Play services, they might start expanding this. But that's my guess, they never said anything. I have no contact with anyone there. But nonetheless I think we will probably all agree, we will probably see it in other regions, like the UK, Germany, France, Arab countries, etc.

But here's the problem. Getting 70% is a lot like Amazon KDP, you have to stay in their sweet spot, as I call it, and for the US and Canada, it's just like KDP in that, it should stay between $ 2.99 and $ 9.99. Whereas in Australia, the minimum price should be from 3.99 USD to 11.99 USD. Anything outside of that sweet spot, would be this 52% model, now, that's not that terrible. one more time It's definitely more competitive than the 35% you're probably used to using Amazon KDP. 

Now, that's the part. This kind of makes me wobble a little. It's pricing ambiguity, if you scroll through the updated Terms of Service, there's a part that makes you scratch your head. And something that some viewers shared with me was that, Google Play services were coming in, and no matter what I was offering for the retail price, they would drop it anytime they wanted. And here, you're still charging 52% regardless of that drop. Whereas on Amazon KDP, if they go and adjust the price on it, it's usually rewarded with that retail price.

Now, that's usually with printed books. On eBooks, they are never known to do anything except price match. Now, Google and Google Play services will do price matching, if they see a competitor at a lower price, they will do that price match. In fact, that's exactly what they said in the email they sent last week. “We reserve the right to discount if we see a lower price” for the e-book available from another retailer. “Well, that's fair, it makes sense, in fact, I think that's really cool, they save me a lot of time. That way, if you drop a price on Somewhere, they will go ahead and drop it for me, no need to worry about recording and fixing it.

But you remember I said, "Something made me rocking." That is, they changed things on a whim. It does not suit me, as if they were reaching my pocket, and I just took the money. This isn't great, especially if you ask for it to be listed at a set price. It is the same across the board.

So if you scroll through the terms of service, again, what it says is price changes at their discretion, they even say you can suggest a price list. And I'm using quotes because that's exactly what it says in the term service, you're actually suggesting a price list. I mean what? Why do I suggest? Why do not I set it?

Run Google services

Well, Google and Google Play services kind of want you to know, they still have the wheel, they are the ones in charge. And I think everyone would agree, if you are distributing through any form of platform, you are really not technically responsible.

Well how about the payment? Well, it's very similar to what we're used to on Amazon KDP, where you get paid 60 days after the end of the month. So this kind of gives them time for any kind of returns and refunds. That way, they can kind of calculate everything sent to you. Anything over $ 1, they'll send it to you. Something I've never seen before; maybe I slept on this one was the promotions.

You can actually do some promotional quotes with it. And they have a nice little user interface that you are able to go in, select the promotion you want to do, but you have to upload it through a CSV file, basically a spreadsheet of some kind, you put your title, the exact price you want, and you will put the start date and end date. Sounds pretty intuitive, I haven't used this option yet. I definitely want to know if you've tried it for yourself.

But what about the pros and cons of Google Play Books review services because people are not all sunshine, rainbows, puppies, dogs and rhinos. Let's go ahead and bring out all the good stuff:

Advantages of providing Google Play services

First. Google Play Services opens the world's largest and most used search engine. It's Google, I mean, do I need to say more? They have a wide range, and as I said, Google Play Books' services handle this family well. Now, will we become billionaires or millionaires? Maybe not right, at this point. But that's enough to make it worth our time, and I think you'll find that too. Improved user interface.

I've already had my account for a little over a year because at the conclusion of Pronoun Publishing, where I was originally distributing Google Play services for Google Play Books, I kind of had to know, "Well, what do I do?" When publishing of conscience closed, they were distributing it on Google Play Books on my behalf as a total publisher. And so I struggled to sort of find a way to get Google Play Books. My luck at the time, they are just starting to open access to the public. It closed for a minute or two, then they reopened back up. 70% ownership. I mean 70 cents out of every dollar for your post, not bad, you won't find a lot of business deals posted, it will have a structure something like that.

So you are the self-publishers out there that use any street. Anytime you see 70% or 80% of royalties. This is pretty darn good. But here are the negatives, and I'm not going to pull any punches. And Google, I'm sorry, I love your platform. But these three things bothers me, they get my goats, and I quote, suggested price list.

Well, you've probably seen this coming, I've said this before, that's a bug. Either I put the price, and we close it. And we both agree that this will happen. And that's what you pay me, or you just price it to me because otherwise, you just drive. And I'm just here just giving you things. So the suggested price list, I think this is fake, Google Play Books, come on, now get rid of that. I don't want to feel like it's going to come into my pocket, take the money at your discretion, it has to be something that represents a partnership that we're working on. Publisher information that can be accessed. Wow, it's Google. And they have so much information, its really hard to find what you need to find.

Now, Google Play services have a live chat feature inside your control panel which is very useful, I highly recommend that you take advantage of it. It is a little slower, you may have to wait in the queue for a minute or two. But they were very helpful, but I kind of like to get a tip And matte real quickly. For example, if you want to know information about say, KDP, they have help.kdp.amazon.com or something like that. You can just search for it and find it very easy. Or say, by Draft2Digital Publishers Compilers, you go to the FAQ section, they have everything you can think of, and not where it's overwhelming. To their credit, Google Play Books is getting better.

As I mentioned before, their UI is constantly improving, when it was launched. It was rubbish, it didn't look good. It was hard to tell, hard to navigate.

Well now they are improving that somewhat, and accessing Google Play services has become much easier. In general, my opinion when it comes to Google Play services in Google Play Books is a strong thumbs up, especially over the past year, and last week the terms of service changed up to 70 %. This really makes me very happy to release an updated review in Google Play Books. And if you want to get an account for yourself, it's free. You don't need to invest any money, you can download everything at no extra cost, you should visit dalelinks.com/google. Again, this is dalelinks.com/google. But if you don't want to mess with downloading directly to Google Play Books, you still want to put it there. One avenue you might want to consider is PublishDrive they are aggregate publisher and they really represent you on the Google Play Books platform.