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Download Johnny Trigger game for Android and iPhone free

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Download Johnny Trigger game 

Johnny Trigger Game: Hello and welcome, dear friends, dear visitors of the Knight Informatics website. Our topic for today is to download the Johnny Trigger mobile game for free. Many games with new ideas have appeared recently, game developers and producers are very interested in releasing action games with new ideas, these types of games have an online game system by connecting the device to the internet and engaging many real people from all over the world in a fight, which increases the Enthusiasm of the players.

Johnny Trigger game for Android and iPhone

Download Johnny Trigger Game - Today we came up with Johnny's Treasure, the latest action game that we came up with a new idea, as it is one of the shooting and shooting games that currently has more than 50 million downloads, Download Johnny Trigger mobile game and soil it now.

Information about the game Johnny Treasure

The first version of Johnny Trigger was released on December 17, 2019 and was published by SayGames which released many popular games. Johnny Trigger is part of an action shooter game with a new idea. Johnny Trigger works on Android phones, you can download it from the Google Play Store, and you can try the game Johnny Trigger on iOS mobile devices by downloading it through the Apple Store to work with iPhones. The game is small in size, which helps users to easily download and install Johnny Trigger on mobile phones, as it does not require a large amount of mobile memory, nor does it require high specification hardware to work. To work efficiently and at high speeds without problems with medium and simple phones.

Download Johnny Trigger latest version

The first feature that we care about in the Knight Informatics website is the provision of all new and free games and programs, such as Johnny Trigger. You can download Johnny Trigger via quick direct links through the official stores from below. Game developers are interested in constantly updating to add events and features. New and improved performance, in addition to solving all the problems faced by users, Johnny Treasure has high-quality 3D graphics with beautiful HD colors and graphics that attract the attention of players. The game has many very beautiful sounds and animation effects that work. Increase the player's enthusiasm during the game Johnny Trigger works in single and offline mode, without the need for your mobile phone to be connected to the Internet to enjoy it anywhere without hindrances, the game has many different difficulty levels, from the first simple stages and then the difficulty of success and winning increases And moving to higher levels.

Johnny Trigger game explained in detail

After downloading the Johnny Trigger game on your mobile using the links at the end of the theme, depending on the mobile operating system, you will find that the game has a simple interface and no explanation, the game is about a professional killer named Tom Johnny and the nickname of Johnny Trigger, who is a very skilled shooter, As well as many skills that make him a very strong and skilled person. Johnny ordered the elimination of members of a dangerous mafia gang. The player will control the character of Johnny during the battle against the mafia members, but the control system is very simple, and the game develops. When you move Johnny during the battle with exciting and exciting acrobatics, you have to choose the right time to shoot the targets by tapping on the screen.


During the gameplay, a red laser beam appears, showing the player which direction to aim the weapon while Johnny is moving. It makes it easy for you. You have to choose the right moment by clicking on this package on the enemy to shoot. If you waste time and the laser moves away from your opponent, he will shoot you, get rid of you and play again. The level from the beginning, the game features stages that are initially considered small, where you have to take care of eliminating a small number of gang members and their number increases by moving to higher levels, and playing the game settings, you can control the volume of sound and music, you can change Johnny's costumes to choose from a large number From different clothes and there are many weapons you go through and you can paralyze enemies or burn them to ashes. In the important stages you will face some leaders that you will have to get rid of with more than one shot. .

Johnny Trigger Features

  • You can download Johnny Trigger for free because we at Al Fares Informatics have promised to bring you all the new games and apps.
  • It belongs to a type of activity that involves aiming and shooting enemies using ferocious acrobatics.
  • Johnny's Treasure game is characterized by its small size, which helps players to easily download and install the game on mobile devices, as it does not require much space on the mobile phone.
  • Johnny Treasure works on Android mobile devices, which you can download from the Google Play Store.
  • You can test Johnny Trigger on iOS devices by downloading it from the official Apple Store for iPhone.
  • The game offers high-quality graphics with very beautiful graphics and high-resolution colors that attract the attention of users.
  • Johnny Trigger has many interesting animations and sound effects that make people excited to play games.
  • Johnny Treasure works in single player mode with OFF line system, which does not require your mobile internet connection to enjoy it without interruption anywhere.
  • The production company is interested in constantly updating the game to improve performance and add new features and events, and is interested in solving any problems that users encounter.
  • Johnny Treasure measures and improves users' ability to shoot targets in a variety of positions.
  • The game has many different difficulty levels, it starts easier with the first levels and increases in difficulty as the player succeeds, winning and moving to more advanced stages.
  • The game contains a lot of characters with different scenes, so that the player does not get bored of two game modes.
  • Johnny Treasure has many different weapons, some of which freeze weapons or burn enemies.

Latest Features in Johnny Trigger Update

  • The game's story is supplemented with new, more exciting stages.
  • Johnny Trigger is now ready with a starter kit to prepare you for combat.
  • Johnny Trigger speed has been improved with several improvements in overall performance.
  • It corrects a large number of bugs and glitches that players have experienced in the past.
  • With the addition of a new set of basic clothing and weapons, you must continue to upgrade your space to unlock unique gear.

Download Johnny Trigger

Today came the most important section of our topic, which is the presentation and provision of a link to download the Johnny Trigger game on the Knight Informatics website to work with mobile phones that run on different operating systems with direct links through the official stores. Download Johnny Trigger and go on exciting shooting adventures and shoot enemies with a variety of weapons while performing stunts.