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Download Remini program to improve the quality of old and distorted photos

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Download Remini program to improve the quality of old and distorted photos

Remini Program - Hello, dear friends, visitors of the Al-Fares Informatics website, our topic for today is to download the Remini program for Android and iPhone to improve the quality of old and distorted images. Recently there have been many different photo traditions that have piqued the interest of everyone who comes to buy cell phones. Focusing on the quality of photography with a mobile phone camera, as one of the most important things that people use on a daily basis, the interest in photography is related to the release of smartphones, adding a high-quality camera to photography with the emergence of many social networking applications interested in uploading images, the most famous of which is the famous Instagram application, which has a lot of World famous people, all developers and software companies are interested in publishing applications with new ideas, and many other social media applications to use while messaging with your friends, such as Snapchat.

Download Remini for Android and iPhone free

Download Remini: If you love taking pictures with your mobile phone, you will definitely need an app that allows you to edit and enhance your photos, either before or after you take them, by adding a large number of special filters or stickers. To create a professional image that looks like stars, we advise you to download Remini which has a lot of tools and functions at the top of this kind of software and is preferred by many users around the world, today it is a solution that many users are trying to face the problem of poor quality old photos, This is related to the old photo and its poor quality camera. Remini is a safe solution for old or poor and distorted photos to get high quality photos and makes them even better.

Information about Remini

Remini: The first version of Remini was launched on July 21, 2019, and is based on BigWinePot Inc. Based in China, a program that helps improve the quality of old photos with many other distinctive features that we will know in detail through this topic. , the Remini app works on Android phones, you can download Remini through the Google Play Store, you can test the Remini app on iOS mobile devices by downloading it through the official Apple store to work with iPhones, Remini is also small size, which helps people to easily download and install the Remini app on their mobile devices, as it does not require a large amount of mobile memory and does not require high capacity phones to operate. It works on medium and simple phones with high efficiency.

Download Remini mobile app for free

Download the Remini application - the first feature that we care about on the Al-Fares Informatics website is to provide all new and free programs and games, as is the case with the Remini program. You can download Remini trial version with quick direct links through the official stores at the bottom of the theme. The developers of Remini are interested in constantly updating the app to make it work. The performance of the program has improved and new features have been added in addition to solving all the problems faced by the users. The application needs to register a new account or link your account with a Facebook account on a social networking site or a Google account. The application has many different effects that you can apply to photos, including transforming the image to draw or stretch the image vertically, or to improve the appearance of the image in a higher quality, and it also helps to improve old photos, the newly added function of the phone app self-timer, for photos Better shooting, the latest addition is video optimization.

Explanation of the Remini program

After downloading the Remini app on your mobile phone, you will need to log in using the links below, depending on your operating system, if you are already registered or new, you can log in by linking your account to the social networking site. Facebook or Google account, the trial version of the application indicates that the user only needs to upgrade three photos, then you will need to purchase the application to get an unlimited number of upgrades, you can get some unlocked features by subscribing to the program for free by Al Click Subscribe, the main interface of the program is six icons that are displayed, and we will give you a simplified explanation of each with the following lines.


Optimization: This option is for the free version to modify and enhance only three images in the program.


Enhance + : Shows all the different app subscription plans and special features of each paid plan to choose the one that suits you best.


Video Enhancement: A new feature that allows you to improve the quality of your videos up to a maximum of one gigabyte and shows four examples of the editing application to choose from.


Selfie +: You can use it to take high quality selfies with side effects and speakers before shooting.


History: All photo and video enhancements are saved in this section for quick access again.


Discover: This section explains all the techniques for enhancing and modifying images, from converting them to graphics or accessories, as well as many other techniques that the developer adds from time to time.

Features and Benefits of Rimini

  • You can download Remini for free because we promised to provide you with all the new and free applications on Al Fares Informatics.
  • Rimini is a recently released application to easily improve the quality of old and distorted photos.
  • The Remini app works on Android mobile devices and can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store.
  • You can test Rimini on iOS mobile devices by downloading it from the official Apple Store to run on iPhones.
  • Remini has a small size that helps users to easily download and install the application on mobile devices, as the mobile phone does not require a large amount of memory.
  • The program does not need high-quality phones, it works with medium and simple high-performance phones.
  • The developers of Rimelli are constantly updating the application to add new features and improve performance, as well as solve any problems that users encounter.
  • The video enhancement feature has been added with 4 examples to choose from, and the maximum video size is 1 GB.
  • Remini has a simple and elegant interface with an easy-to-use design without explanations.
  • The self-timer function is added via an application that uses the phone's camera to obtain a high-quality image.
  • The trial version of the application only allows you to upgrade three images, and you need to purchase the application to enjoy unlimited number.
  • There is more than one different way to enhance the image in an application, so you can choose the method that matches the image you want to enhance.
  • The application needs to register for a new account or link the application with your social network account on Facebook or Google account.
  • Remini has a few different effects that you can use, including turning photos into drawings, enlarging photos, or the main way to improve photo quality.

New Features in Remini

  • Allow Rimini app to process images a second time to improve the quality of the image enhancement to improve it.
  • Working on adding new subscription plans, whether three months or 12 months.
  • Add other languages ​​to the application interface, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many more.
  • A new section has been added to share the photo online in your account and publish stories with all users of the application.
  • Attention to solve many problems and errors that users faced in the past.
  • Optimize the performance of Rimini to provide users with a smoother and faster experience.

Download Remini

Today came the most important section of our topic, which is to show links for the free download of the Remini photo enhancement program on the Knight Informatics website to work with mobile phones of different operating systems with direct links through the official stores if you have old photos. And you want to improve its quality, now you need to download Remini on your mobile phone and start improving your photos and videos.