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Download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab program, the latest version, for free

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Download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab 

Download WhatsApp gold Abu Arab program - Welcome, my friends, visitors to the Al-Fares Informatics website, our topic for today is to download the Golden WhatsApp 2021 Abu Arab program, the latest version - Download Whatsapp Gold. A detailed explanation of how to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Gold. I also share with you how to download the WhatsApp Gold program, the latest version, in addition to downloading the WhatsApp gold program; This is what we will learn today in a new video.

Many mobile applications have spread recently, and this is due to the widespread use of smartphones, as well as the widespread spread of the Internet in all countries of the world, and because the mobile is with you whether you are at home, at work or abroad. , it is your companion everywhere, as well as the availability of mobile Internet service via Wi-Fi or Internet packages, and this development has led to the spread of many applications based on the Internet, including chat applications, and one of the most famous of these applications is the WhatsApp application, But users want to know some features that are difficult to add and upload to the official store because they do not comply with the policies, so we chose for you today to download the WhatsApp Gold 2021 Abu Arab application.

Download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab for PC and mobile

WhatsApp gold Abu Arab - The WhatsApp application is widely spread in the world, especially in the Arab world, due to the simplicity and speed of the program and its total dependence on your mobile phone number, rather than the dependency to register in Emile. Red and it is one of the most famous and most advanced versions with many different features, but today we will present the first versions of WhatsApp Plus from Arab developers called Abu Arab, which is the golden WhatsApp application, which is the most famous version in the Arab world, when it contains updated features and is interested in updating The app and solve all related issues, making it the most straightforward version. So download the WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab application and try it now.

Information about the WhatsApp Gold program, Abu Arab

After the wide spread of the popular WhatsApp chat application, Arab developers started creating new versions of the developed application to add some features that the application lacks or that Arab users especially desire. Among these developers is Mr. Abu Arab, who we will talk about, one of the versions of the application that he developed with his own hands, which is the gold version of WhatsApp Plus, and this is not the only version developed by Abu Arab, but it has other versions with the latest features, including the blue version of WhatsApp Plus and the red version of WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus, and each has its own advantages.


The developers depend on the official version of the application, but all they do is open the application code, modify some of it and add some code, but the basic concepts of the application remain the same, but for example they add a function to hide the phrase "I am writing" when sending messages to someone else, an application version WhatsApp Gold works without ads and is completely safe, and in order to enjoy the features that we will explain to you today on the website of Al Fares Informatics, the right person to contact must download WhatsApp Gold and it should be used to send you messages, but you may not have all the features of the modified application when communicating with a person Not the owner of the application. .

Features and functions of the WhatsApp Gold application

  • Update to version 2.20 based on the official WhatsApp version on Google Play Store.
  • The application adds a large number of different theme fonts that you can use for free on WhatsApp Gold.
  • Through WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab, you can create a backup copy of the application to restore all the conversations and media that you exchanged.
  • Returns the old floating button requested by a large number of users, and you can also modify the colors and fonts.
  • Download WhatsApp files without having to install additional applications to perform this task.
  • Disconnect the Internet icon and its function is to separate the Internet from the application even if the mobile phone is connected to the Internet, and this gives you the pleasure of surfing the Internet without any problems.
  • Hide and protect the conversations and password so that no one else can access them that were taken from Viber.
  • Hide appearance, which is like disconnecting from the Internet, you are connected to a program and you can talk, but others seem to be offline.
  • Correct reading that allows you to read the messages received in the application without the sender seeing the history of the readers.
  • Hide the phrases “writing in progress” and “writing in progress”, as they will no longer appear when this feature is activated.
  • Scheduled messages allow you to write a message and choose the time you want to send it, and it will be sent automatically without your intervention at the exact time of sending, and WhatsApp messages have an auto-reply feature.
  • To prevent media files from being transferred and appearing in WhatsApp Gallery, you can activate it from WhatsApp Gold.
  • After sending it, delete the messages that are now available in the official version.
  • View deleted messages with instant save.
  • Turn off the appearance of the forwarded message if you are forwarding the message to multiple users on WhatsApp Gold.
  • You can now pin up to 30 conversations in the main application interface.
  • Upload a video longer than 30 seconds without having to cut and split the video, but the receiving device must use WhatsApp Gold to work with this feature.

Features and functions added to the new version of WhatsApp Abu Arab WhatsApp Gold

  • You can turn on auto reply without locking your account.
  • Solve the problem of downloading beautiful golden WhatsApp themes and designs.
  • You can start playing the recordings or voice messages automatically without pressing the play button.
  • By adding the night mode interface function to use the program in the dark without feeling tired.
  • Insufficient space issue has been fixed in previous versions.
  • You can click on the name of the person who matches it and easily make a copy of the status you entered.
  • The official version of the original WhatsApp application which consists of the Plus version has been updated to the latest version.
  • Avoid displaying media that has been sent to you in the phone memory via Gallery.
  • You can now run two or more WhatsApp numbers on the same device.
  • The problem with installing the WhatsApp Gold application has been resolved.
  • By adding many pictures of Arabic stickers that you can use easily to make your chat box interesting.
  • Support for the Gold version of WhatsApp with some cool new themes and themes.
  • The user can change his voice to many different voices from the application.
  • You can protect your chats by blocking them with your fingerprint.
  • Activate access to notifications when one of your friends sees your statuses.
  • The first update of the application running on Android 10.0.
  • You can now set a status for more than an hour, even if you change the subject.

Solve the problem of the golden WhatsApp application

Many WhatsApp Gold users faced a lot of problems in the past period, some of which caused the application to stop working, but the version that we present to you today is an update round to make it work again. Again, this will solve many different problems, but some users see some famous problems, which for many reasons will try to find out and solve some of them.


Solve the problem of not having enough space in WhatsApp Gold

I'm getting a warning message that you don't have enough disk space, and this problem is not a software bug, but because the app is running on a device with an Android version that's incompatible with the software version.


• Method 1: Click on the menu icon, type in the privacy option, then click on Reset privacy, then restart the application.


• Method 2: Go to your phone settings and tap on Lock screen and security options, then install the unknown apps, then select the gold WhatsApp app and activate it from this source.

Run two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone

This problem has been easy to circumvent lately. The idea is to use the official version of the application and activate it with a phone number, then install one of the different versions of WhatsApp Plus and activate an additional number. You can implement this idea by triggering more than two issues by installing more than one different version of Advanced Plus. In addition, all companies have recently pledged to provide the ability to make copies of programs and applications installed on a mobile phone.

Download WhatsApp Gold

Today came the most important section in our topic, which is showing the links to download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab with the latest updates for free download on the Al-Fares Informatics website to work with Android mobile phones with quick direct links through mediafire servers. If you want to enjoy the most important features of WhatsApp, you should now download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab and try this application for free.