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Download City Car Driving game for Android and iPhone free

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Download City Car Driving game

Download City Car Driving game for Android and iPhone free

City Car Driving is a driving game that takes place in the city. Hello and welcome to my friends and visitors to website. There are many types of games that have been popular since the beginning of time and have a large number of followers all over the world, the most famous of these genres are car games, which consist of subsections. Various hobbies and fields have already been shown, the most popular of which are car racing games, as well as links to download Need for Speed. This game is the king of car games, and no other game has come close to matching its popularity since its release. As a result, the production sector is keen to update it on a regular basis. The game also has the advantage of being in sync with today's technology, as evidenced by the release of additional parts of the game to this day. It was first released to work on PlayStation game consoles, then copies were released to work on PCs and other game consoles, and when smartphones were launched, mini versions were released to avoid losing popularity. So today we chose for you to download City Car Driving for free.

City Car Driving game for Android and iPhone latest version

Download City Car Driving game for Android and iPhone latest version for free, learning to drive can be stressful, especially in big cities or on roads you have never driven before. City Car Driving is a driving simulator that is very different from what you are used to, but also suitable for novice drivers or those who are still taking driving lessons.


Instead of finding a place where we can race and drift as much as we want, ferry passengers on a train, or deliver goods with our truck, we simply have to drive while obeying road safety rules, signal turns, and push. Pay attention to all traffic lights, and give way to pedestrians in this simulator. In other words, it is a driving school simulation game. Today we present to you the game City Car Driving, which helps those who enjoy vehicles learn to drive cars in different cities with attention to traffic instructions and other factors that we will learn about in this topic through simulation.

Game information about City Car Driving

The original version of City Car Driving, a video game that falls under the category of car games, was released in 2007 by Forward Development, and since then it has gained the attention of many gamers around the world. The game differs from its competitors in this genre because we are used to car racing, but this version produces a simulation of car driving, which helps many users to learn to drive and gain a lot of information before undergoing real training. The game is compatible with Windows PCs, and there are multiple versions available for download from the official website or Steam store. One of the first things we do on the website is to provide the latest free apps and games, such as City Car Driving, which you can get for free at the bottom of the topic.

Will you pass or fail your driver's license test?

This emulator has a comprehensive ranking system with a variety of rules and stats. You will get different notifications and warnings for every mistake you make while driving, so you don't make the same mistakes again, and it will show you how to complete the maneuver correctly. With a lot of practice and the help of a whistleblower, you can be sure to make fewer mistakes and spend less money on real driving lessons, allowing you to pass the test as quickly as possible.

Download City Car Driving for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download City Car Driving game for Android and iPhone with a direct link. If you prefer playing games on your phone, we may provide you with one of the Barş Kaplan mini versions of the game. You can get it from official stores with easy direct connections to work on mobile devices running different operating systems. The downside of the game is that it requires average hardware standards. It also offers a free version but it is a trial version and not completely free, this is for the version that works on computers, it also offers a free version but it is a trial version and it is not completely free, and it also offers a free version, but it is a trial version and not completely free, and this is for the version that works On PC, City Car Driving is a game for learning to drive vehicles that features high definition 3D visuals as well as very beautiful graphics and colors that attract players. It also includes many interesting visual and audio effects that repeat the original sounds, improving the user's enthusiasm as you play. You can play the game anywhere because it uses an offline system, which means you don't need an internet connection on your device to play.

Explanation of the city car driving game

If you want to learn to drive, we advise you to download a game that simulates car driving from all the angles you need to know to overcome your fear and anxiety about city driving. The game provides a comprehensive interface for all elements of the car from the income in it. Various buttons, steering wheel and pedals (brake, petrol, etc.) are all included. And the gear stick, or the so-called gear stick, the mobile version provides you with more than one way to control, whether it is through sensors and reading the movement of the phone to control the steering of the car, or by moving the steering wheel. Wheel or control the vehicle through the arrows on the screen.


City Car Driving game also teaches you about the traffic rules, which means that you must not only steer the car but also follow the traffic laws. For example, to start turning in one direction, you must turn on the signal in that direction so that behind and in front of you can see that you are turning into a side street. When you want to park, you should turn on the sign in that direction so that behind and in front of you can see that you are turning into a side street. When the light is red, you must come to a complete stop, the stop light activates, and then cross the street. Before launching the game and driving your car in the wet streets, the game gives you a training system to learn about all the components of the car and how to handle it. With cars and pedestrians, the desire to change the weather from humid to sunny, both in the morning and in the evening, so that the player does not get bored of the game and drive in all kinds of weather.

City Car Driving game features and characteristics

  • You can get City Car Driving for free because we promised you that we will give you the latest free games and apps on Al Faris Informatics website.
  • City Car Driving is compatible with Windows PCs and laptops and is available for download via direct links from the game's official website.
  • City Car Driving features high-resolution 3D graphics as well as high-quality visuals and colors that attract players from all over the world in.
  • There will be 11 distinct vehicles to drive.
  • To prepare for dangerous and unpredictable driving conditions, the player can perform 24 missions of varying severity.
  • To make the driving experience more exciting, the maps are randomly generated.
  • The game developer team is interested in adding new innovations and features to the existing areas of the game, working to improve game performance and features, and solving any problems that users may encounter.
  • Several sound and visual effects are included in the car driving game, which increases the players' enjoyment of City Car Driving.
  • The game is described as having a single mode and an offline system, which means you don't need to connect your device to the internet to play it.
  • City Car Driving helps future drivers learn to drive cars with a computerized driving simulator and learn all the components required to operate a car.
  • During the game, the player must pay attention to the traffic rules, whether they are traffic lights on the streets of the places he visits, open signals at turns or while waiting.
  • City Car Driving includes a variety of cars in different shapes, brands and colors, ensuring that the user does not get bored with standard vehicles.
  • The creators of the game wanted to offer a variety of scenarios to drive the car on the streets of different cities and in different weather conditions, regardless of the time of day or night.
  • Many different cars have been added to the streets, as well as many people passing by you while you are driving, to make a more realistic simulation of the cities where the car is driving. This will help you overcome your fear of driving and repeat a real street.

The latest version includes new features of city car driving.

  • Four distinct cars have been added to the list of new car releases.
  • Solve a large number of bugs and problems that plagued players in the past.
  • The overall game performance has been improved to deliver a smoother and faster experience than before.
  • Many stages and levels with different designs and languages ​​have been added.
  • Improve the quality of your graphic design to make it look better and more accurate.

Download City Car Driving game

The section and the most important part of our topic arrived today with links to download the game City Car Driving for free on the Al Faris Informatics website to work on computers running Windows operating systems with different versions with quick direct links via the official website as well as mini versions of the game to work on mobile phones with different operating systems that you can download . Download it from the official stores and start learning to drive cars with City Car Driving. You will be able to overcome your fear of driving and learn about all the different traffic restrictions.