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Download Eyecon app that displays the name and photo of the caller.

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Download Eyecon program

Download Eyecon app that displays the name and photo of the caller.

Download Eyecon program: Hello and welcome, dear friends and visitors to the  website. Our topic for today is to download the latest version of the ICON for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link to show the caller’s name and photo, after the wide spread of smartphones in recent years, which have advanced technology, many users have reduced their use of computers and games, as a large number of applications have been launched And games known to work with. In addition to things with new ideas, when a user gets a new phone, he should download some vital applications that he will need urgently; For this reason, we try to give this group a variety of options. There were already links to download the free Wi-Fi program Instabridge, this wonderful application gives a service to search for an Internet service and open Wi-Fi networks, which are frequently used by travel enthusiasts and roamers in various cities around the world, providing a lot of passwords shared by owners These networks are provided for free to program users, in addition to free access points, whether with metro stations or famous restaurants, etc., as it provides a lot of passwords that the owners of these networks shared and provided for free to program users, and we chose for you today to download the Eyecon mobile application for free.

Eyecon mobile app latest version for free

Download the ICON mobile application with a direct link, as we, through the Al-Fares Informatics website, have provided a direct link to download the Eyecon program for Android and iPhone for free. Today we present to you the wonderful application icon to show the name of the caller, which competes strongly with other similar applications. Truecaller is the most used app in this category. The demand for information transmission is really high in this age of growth, and telephone conversations are the best option. However, in addition to the advantages, phone calls always carry the risk of potential threats that we cannot manage. And in order to help users, developer Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts has released Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls and Phone Contacts, which is a great program. Due to the authentication features of the application, users will be able to use their communication functions with greater security. In addition, the application will have other unique features for optimal assistance to the user. Set up your calls as quickly as possible to improve your skills.

Eyecon is described in detail below.

On August 11, 2016, the American company Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts launched the first version of the Eyecon app for download. When receiving calls from numbers that are not in the contact list, Icon provides a service that displays the name and identity of the caller. The program features a unique set of services that enables it to compete with the popular Truecaller app, which tops the list of the most popular caller ID apps. The icon size is very modest. Since the application does not require a large amount of storage memory, it is easy to download and install on mobile devices. Mobile devices, it is inevitable to connect your device to the internet, as it relies on ON Line to operate it. Eyecon, like other similar software, offers a variety of languages.

Download Eyecon app,Eyecon app,Eyecon program,download Eyecon program,
Download Eyecon app

The users will have a perfect communication experience thanks to the synchronization. So, how can Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls and Phone Contacts help users with their phone calls? The developers are dedicated to making their software one of the most secure software for user calls. Your calls will be completely synced with social networking sites the first time you check in. You should now have a great app once the app is fully synced with your social media sites. Users will be able to access their unique caller ID and protect privacy in their calls thanks to the private calling feature. Furthermore, users will make use of the app's connection to confirm the identity of the speakers.

Download Eyecon app for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download Eyecon application for Android and iPhone with a direct link from here, as as with the Eyecon application, one of the first aspects that we care about on the Al-Fares Informatics website is to provide everything that is free and new in terms of applications and games. You can get it from the official stores via simple direct links at the bottom of the page. You can try Eyecon on Android mobile devices by downloading it from the official Google Play Store, and you can try it on iOS mobile devices by downloading it from the official Apple Store. To work on iPhones, the app requires you to confirm your phone number by receiving an activation message. To prove that the number is yours and create a new account with the program, in order for the program to function fully and take advantage of all its features and services, it must be set up as a basic alternative to the phone's default call and contact management application.

Eyecon features and benefits

  • Since we are committed to distributing all new games and software on Al Fares Informatics website, you can download the Eyecon application software for free.
  • When receiving calls from unknown numbers that are not in the contact list, the service displays the name of the caller.
  • To get more caller information, sync the numbers in contacts with several social networks.
  • Users who visit Eyecon: Caller ID, calls and phone contacts will also ensure the security of calls. The software will accurately evaluate and predict different call data thanks to the accurate call identifiers. As a result, users will no longer receive unwanted calls from carriers or harassers. Moreover, users will be able to easily and quickly block calls from unfamiliar caller IDs, which will annoy them. Instead, familiar phone numbers, family and friends from the social networking site will be quickly discovered. You will get high resolution photos of the caller as well as accurate and accurate information.
  • In the Eyecon app, display the caller's profile picture, which you can get from his Facebook account or any other platform.
  • Eyecon application you can protect yourself from unwanted messages and phone calls from unknown sources.
  • The user can connect to a variety of social media platforms and display them as additional addresses while communicating with the owner of the number.
  • Features a large number of address book editing templates, up to 30 in total, in a variety of attractive colors.
  • Create a template for it that appears when friends of app users call them using this template.
  • Before starting a call, you can send a notification to your friends to see if they are ready to receive it.
  • Ease of registering a new account by activating your phone number, allowing you to update your information easily.
  • It makes adding new contacts after a conversation with someone who is not in your phonebook relatively simple.
  • The application now contains the ability to record calls, which eliminates the user's need to install other programs.
  • The creators of the application put a lot of effort into developing the software with great colors that turn your phone into a work of art with all the capabilities needed to make calls.
  • As an alternative to the application to handle calls and contacts, the application must be activated.
  • Since the software is based on the online internet system, you must ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the internet.
  • The Eyecon app requires an Android smartphone, which you can get from the Google Play Store.
  • You can download ICON from the App Store to try it on your iPhone or iPad.

Download Eyecon program

The section and the most important part of our topic has arrived today, which is displaying links to download the free Icon program on the Al-Fares Information website to work on mobile phones that run on different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, in the event that you receive a large number of annoying calls from strange numbers and you want to end the problem and find out The caller's name. If the number is not in your contact list, apart from that, the app will include a plethora of other useful features, especially for users. Customizing the app is the first point to mention. When logging in for the first time, users will be completely individual. Then, the app will automatically sync to suit different users' requirements on subsequent login occasions. Moreover, the availability checker is one of the most interesting elements of Eyecon: caller ID, calls and phone contacts that people adore. You will no longer have to waste time waiting for calls because you will be able to know if your buddies are on hand to pick them up. You will be able to leave messages or receive calls from your friends as a result. I recommend you to download Eyecon app and use the Eyecon app right away.