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Download Hills of Steel 2 game for PC and mobile latest version Apk

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Download Hills of Steel 2 game for PC and mobile latest version Apk

Hills of Steel 2 - My friends, visitors to the Al-Fares Informatics website, you are welcome. Today's topic is downloading the game Hills of Steel 2 for PC and mobile, the latest version with a direct link. So far, the genre of games has been wide and rich, including genres such as action, adventure, simulation, role-playing, strategy, sports, etc. It also does not disappear with several releases on different platforms. Regardless of the genre, each game has its own distinct gameplay, such as humor, fun, challenge, relaxation, etc. So, do you have a favorite type of game? How often do you prefer to play video games? Despite the fact that I have no idea what your interests are, I want to introduce you to a game that you can enjoy Hills Of Steel 2, an action game from Superplus Games, called "Battle of the Tanks". Download Hills of Steel 2 latest version for free.

Hills of Steel 2

In Hills of Steel 2, you will fight tanks on hills with different slopes. As a result, the person's perspective will be horizontal in relation to the landscape, which will facilitate aiming and navigation. The game mechanics are straightforward: players choose which tank is available to fight alongside their friends against the enemy in order to reach the goal. If you want to maneuver your tank throughout the fight, press the two control buttons in the lower left area of ​​the screen back and forth. You can download Hills of Steel 2 for Android and iPhone through the link below.

Information about downloading Hills of Steel 2

Do you have any concerns about the shooting? Simply put, the angle of the tank will be fixed, but each type of tank will use different ammunition, some with curved projectiles and some with straight bullets. Your goal is to combine control tanks on the hill that move back and forth to create an angle of aim for your weapons. The skill progress meter will be fully charged once the player has dealt enough damage, and each type of tank will have a unique skill. He may quickly reuse the damaging skills.

Remember that the tank will always point in the same direction; You cannot adjust the vehicle's launch direction, so you can only move forward or backward. And if an opponent manages to slip past you, ignore that and leave it to your teammates to deal with.

Each vehicle will have its own weapon, but the loading procedure will be the same for everyone. It's an autoloader, and its operation is very simple: each vehicle has a set amount of lead in the tape, and if there is room in the tape, the bullets will be loaded continuously. However, you will not have to wait for the full payload to be released; The more your magazine is filled, the more you will be able to photograph. However, keep in mind that when reloading, you must avoid getting close to the opponent in order to conserve blood and prolong the game.

When enemy bullets hit your vehicle, they take damage automatically, instead of taking damage from your friends. If your vehicle is damaged, get out of there ASAP. If you don't take any damage for a long time, it will automatically renew your HP. When you lose HP, you will be taken out of the game for a short time before you are automatically revived and join the fight with your teammates.

After each match, you will get amount of gold based on your performance in the match; If your team wins, the amount of gold will increase. Loot chests will appear in addition to gold on the game's homepage and may contain gold, gems, car cards, and accessories. The number of merchandise obtained within the loot chest varies depending on its rarity. Unlocking each one will take a certain amount of time; For example, it takes two hours to open a typical one. If you wish, you can use gems to speed up the unlocking process.

Hills of Steel 2 game mode

There are three basic game modes in the game now; Here is how each one works.

The first option is Domination, a 3v3 showdown with criteria in which each team must capture the flag and get a mark of 100 to win. The two teams will fight to take the flags that could turn the game around. The checkpoint is not reset if the opponent is killed.


The second option is Survival, which is a survival mode for up to three people. The goal is to block enemy attacks (BOT), and if the enemy succeeds in entering the base, the team loses. Pay depends on the longest stay of the team.

The last option is Team Battles, a simple 3 vs 3 scenario in which the party with the most points for defeating the opponent wins in 1 minute 30 seconds.

Download Hills of Steel 2

Download Hills of Steel 2 - As the game is still in early access, there are only nine cars available at the moment, but more will be added in the future. So we recommend you to download Hills of Steel 2 and enjoy immersive games.

Graphics in Hills of Steel 2

Hills of Steel 2 features realistic 3D graphics that are smart and fun. All ages are guaranteed to like it. Moreover, when cars collide or talents perform, the physical effect will contribute to making the game more fun.

Download Hills of Steel 2 for PC and mobile for free

Hills of Steel 2 is the game for you if you want a game with easy gameplay and attractive graphics. So we recommend downloading Hills of Steel 2 and trying it right away.