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Download Scary Teacher 3D game latest version for free

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Download Scary Teacher 3D

Download Scary Teacher 3D game latest version for free

Download Scary Teacher 3D: Hello my beloved friends, beloved visitors of the website; Our topic for today is to download the Evil Teacher game for Android and iPhone, the latest version, for free, with a direct link. If you enjoy games with a scary mood, then read to the end of this topic. We will show you one of the most popular and latest evil horror games. As we all know, after the technological boom and the introduction of smartphones which are a new generation of mobile phones with modern capabilities and specifications that were not available before, many software companies started developing new and exciting applications and games. Download Scary Teacher 3D The Horror Evil Game Many players have played horror games like Granny or Evil Nun and they understand the level of difficulty that may exist. Players will always find a way to find out what's inside the dungeon as they are held captive while avoiding the attention of two bad characters. This gameplay gives you the feeling that you will always be terrified of being chased and that you will drive to reach the goal of the game. It will eventually happen when you play Scary Teacher 3D, despite the fact that it is not a horror game.


Previously, Hello Neighbor download links, which is often known in the Arab world as "Hello Neighbor" or "Bothersome Neighbor", is a modern horror game that attracts a large number of players around the world because it is very similar to the annoying game Neighbor . Seniors who work with computers, this game is very similar in terms of the general atmosphere to the game of terrifying parameters that we are showing you today, and it will become one of its main competitors since its launch, and the number of players has increased significantly and continuously since its introduction. . This game is released daily to run exclusively on mobile devices, and no PC version has been released. However, you can enjoy it by downloading the Android emulator program on your computer and then installing the game through the program because it has many unique features that you will get to know.

Scary Teacher 3D game

Download the evil teacher game for Android and iPhone with direct link from here, Scary Teacher 3D transports you to a world rich in various features that will impress everyone. It is a vast home campus that you will try to explore to achieve the objectives of the game. At the same time, all the elements are meticulously designed, and you will be completely absorbed in this universe when everything is happening so fast that you can not breathe.

In this game, there will be two main characters: you and an old lady, similar to the last game. She lives in that house. You will be able to play the game from anywhere in the building as long as you are not caught. You can see that it is always on the move if you take a look at the left corner of the screen, which is why you don't spend any time. At the same time, a good text will appear in the middle of the screen, and this is the tool that will finally help you in this game.

Information about the Evil Teacher game

The first version of Z & K's Scary Teacher 3D game was released on June 23, 2017, a horror game with unique and entertaining experiences. You can play the evil teacher game on mobile phones that use the Android operating system, which you can get for free. Scary Teacher 3D is available on IOS mobile devices from the official Google Play Store. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store and used on iPhones. The first element that we care about in Al-Fares Informatics is the provision of all new and free programs. Games, such as the scary school game, are available for download via direct links from the official stores at the bottom of the page. Mobile devices with high specifications and capabilities are not required to play the game. You can try it on mid-range phones with basic capabilities.


While playing Scary Teacher 3D, users will notice the high quality 3D graphics, as well as the incredibly accurate and brilliant graphics and colors that catch their eye. The evil school has a lot of excellent music and visual effects that add to the players' enjoyment of the game. One feature of the game is its medium size, which makes it easy for players to download and install Scary Teacher 3D as it does not require a large amount of flash memory. You can choose between two modes, one of which is that of an individual who has an offline system that does not require service. Connect your mobile to the Internet or group mode by completing a challenge against the teacher using the Online On Line system, this mode requires Internet access. The game features several different degrees of difficulty, starting with the easiest levels and gradually increasing the difficulty as the player progresses to the more advanced stages.

Download Scary Teacher 3D game for mobile free

Scary Teacher 3D provides players with a basic but challenging gaming experience when it comes to putting what they have learned into practice. You will be able to explore a house with a variety of locations, each with its own personality. When you play this game, you will also be able to get the necessary information. As a result, you will have a great time enjoying the fun pranks that you discover. Download Scary Teacher 3D game and give it a try right away.

Scary Teacher 3D game story

The story of the game revolves around a young girl who is one of the pupils of an evil teacher who bullies and abuses the students, but this teacher happens to move to a house next to one of her students, which the player will represent, after downloading the evil teacher game on your mobile according to the operating system through the links at the bottom of the topic. This girl will seek revenge for herself and her classmates from this horrific school by breaking into her house and finding secrets inside the rooms without being noticed by the coach, as well as building many traps with many different things. Revenge of this parameter is one of the places where you can play pranks. While you are inside the house, you must pay close attention to the rearview mirror on the game screen and follow the instructions for the best use of each item in the rooms.

Download Scary Teacher 3D for Android and iPhone latest version

You can download the latest version of the Evil Teacher game for free on Android and iPhone, where you will control the character from the first perspective, as in many horror games; This perspective gives the player a very interesting atmosphere. You will play a game in which you will explore and feel trapped at any time. At the same time, from this point of view, you will be part of the game world, and all the players' experiences will be improved, making them completely fascinated. So download Scary Teacher 3D game for free and enjoy immersive games.

Scary Teacher 3D game features

  • Since we promised to provide you with everything new and free on the Knight Informatics website, you can download Scary Teacher 3D game for free.
  • Evil Teacher is classified as a horror game, but it is played in a unique style, with a variety of fun and entertaining pranks.
  • Scary Teacher 3D is compatible with Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
  • Evil teacher game on iOS mobile phones, you can play the terrifying school game. You can get it from the official Apple Store and use it on your iPhone.
  • Evil School is medium in size, which makes it easy for users to download and install the game on mobile phones as it does not take up much storage space.
  • Scary Teacher contains a lot of audio and visual elements that increase the excitement of the players while playing the scary teacher game.
  • The Scary School features HD 3D graphics, high quality visuals and colors, and cheerful aesthetics that catch the players' attention.
  • Scary Teacher 3D has a variety of difficulty levels, starting with the easiest stages and increasing the difficulty steadily with the success of the player to win and reach the highest level.
  • In single player mode, the game can be enjoyed without using a phone connection to the Internet.
  • If you enjoy playing multiplayer games, the game allows you to do so by connecting your mobile phone to an internet connection.
  • Several pranks and shocks are included in the game Evil Teacher, which increases the excitement and increases the player's enthusiasm.
  • Scary Teacher 3D has a very basic and intuitive control system, no high-end phones required to operate; It works on mid-range and low-end phones too.

New features have been added to the Evil Teacher game.

  • Added an equestrian level to affect horse racing, as well as a drunk mode for losing control.
  • Miss T is the new spear stage to achieve the goal.
  • Miss T's axe-throwing skills have backfired because of the fun of the sport.
  • Correct all errors previously encountered by players.
  • Game performance has been improved to deliver a more enjoyable and smoother experience than before.
  • More fun new levels have been added, along with a large number of entertaining pranks.

Download Scary Teacher 3D

The most important element of our topic has arrived today, with links to download the game Evil Teacher for free on the Knight Informatics website, for use on mobile phones with different operating systems, with quick direct access through the official stores. Now it's time to download Scary Teacher 3D game and start the exciting adventures of searching inside the rooms of the house. To fall into the bad school, you must discover different secrets and puzzles and play pranks.