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Download XPlayer video player software for PC and mobile latest version free

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Download XPlayer video player software

Download XPlayer video player software for PC and mobile latest version free

Download XPlayer video player software: Hello and welcome, friends and visitors to the website. Our topic for today is free xplayer download with direct link. Recently, many applications for viewing videos have proliferated, and quickly became one of the most popular applications, especially applications where people can shoot small videos to showcase their talents and build a fan base. This type of application appeared after the launch of smart mobile phones and improved the quality of taking camera pictures and supporting the phone with more than one camera of various quality until it became a competition for expensive digital cameras, and it has followers from all over the world. So today we have chosen for you to download XPlayer video player for all formats.

Some video users and fans enjoy the audio clips and songs and want to listen to them on their car recorder or MP3 player device, thus links have been provided to download video to MP3 video converter software. Allowing you to listen to it on multiple devices without the need for internet or video player. One of the problems that many users encounter when trying to play some video files is receiving a message that the player does not support this type of video file, and this problem affects mobile users more when transferring videos from a computer or another phone, so today we will introduce you to an application XPlayer is an all-format video player that supports a wide range of video formats. The picture is of excellent quality.

XPlayer latest version

XPlayer - People are tired of reading books and newspapers these days. It is a unique situation in which individuals prefer to scan information or watch movies on their mobile phones without reading it - they have read it themselves. This feature is one of the most important developments in people's need to access as much information as possible. You don't have to watch sitcoms for months or even years. It only takes 10 minutes to become a Marvel expert by watching review videos on YouTube. I burst out laughing!!! With these advantages, it is not surprising that people spend a lot of their free time watching different movies. In fact, having the best app to watch your movies in incredibly high definition is not an unnecessary requirement. Video Player All Format - When you use XPlayer for a short period of time, you will see how attractive it is to users. Only one advantage stands out: this software can play movies in any format and is capable of outperforming 90% of applications of the same type at present.

XPlayer is a professional and easy to use video player.

It has, as expected, satisfied a large number of people globally and quickly became one of the most popular commodities on the market. The "Google Play Best of 2017 Winner" is a clear example of this. Additionally, based on results collected from 500,000 reviewers, it has the highest rating for video editing products, 4.8 out of 5 stars. This achievement is the result of the application's daily efforts to improve and update. XPlayer will undoubtedly retain its throne for a very long time.

Information about XPlayer

InShot, known for its multimedia products used by millions of people around the world, released the initial version of the downloaded XPlayer video player on February 10, 2017. XPlayer is compatible with Android mobile devices. You can get it from the official Google Play Store; There is no specialized version for iPhone or desktop devices, but we will show you where to get alternative software. XPlayer is modest in size, making it easy for consumers to download and install on their mobile devices. With a huge flash storage space, as with XPlayer, the main feature we care about on Mac Topia is that it's fresh, free of software and games. You can get it from official stores through simple direct contacts.

Download xplayer on computer and mobile with direct link

Download the Xplayer application for PC and mobile with a direct link for free. XPlayer allows you to play all the videos in different formats on a high-performance phone, as it does not require high-spec phones to run, as it works on medium and simple devices with high performance. The application supports playback of video files in HD and Ultra HD quality, as well as 4K, and works on both medium and simple devices with high performance. The program allows you to play movies on your phone and then share and watch them on your TV using Chromecast. You can also add subtitle files to foreign videos without subtitles so that you can easily see subtitles in clear font with control of font size and color. The video display speed does not match the subtitle speed. You can adjust the display speed of the subtitle file to match the speed of the video. The movie player app offers a unique look, along with a night mode that is soothing to the eyes. You can tell the app to close the launcher after a certain period of time or after it has finished. This feature is known as the sleep timer, and it is available in several languages ​​including Arabic. Download xplayer video player in all formats and try it right away.

Explain the video player program XPlayer

When you download XPlayer from the links below and open it, you will notice that it is in Arabic, making it accessible to people in the Middle East. The three options on the bar at the bottom of the main application interface are as follows.

Video: Contains all videos on the phone's internal or external SD storage as well as any videos that have been paused before the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them until the end of watching them End of watching.


Music: This folder contains all audio files with different extensions.


Playlist: The playlist contains all your favorite snippets of video or audio files that you have added to it.

After playing the video, you can control the volume by touching the screen and swiping up to increase the volume and down to decrease the volume from the right side of the screen. When you swipe to the right, the app moves the video forward and speeds it up, and vice versa. You can also regulate the degree of screen addition by swiping up and down from the left of the screen while swiping left.

By pressing the folder sign with a lock inside it from the top of the main interface on the right, you can put some video and audio files inside a special protected folder, then create your own pattern or password, then click the next three dots to any file and choose Lock in folder Private, and from the same menu as before, you can create files and add them to playlists by pressing the "Add to playlists" button. To clear all playback settings to play the video on the app, tap the arrow icon.

Download XPlayer for PC, Android and iPhone for free

Download the latest version of XPlayer for PC, Android and iPhone for free, as one of the first things you should know about this program is that it can play any video format released around the world. When you don't need to convert the file format to what the underlying hardware and software requires, this will save you a lot of time. When downloading a video that is not in MP4 format, you may have to convert it. It is undoubtedly a waste of time. XPlayer allows you to instantly read the file. It is also useful if you have 4K / Ultra HD video files in your database. Today, you can watch videos in the most accurate resolution. The high quality HD movies will give the viewers a much better experience.

Features and capabilities of the XPlayer video player software

  • Since we promised to provide you with all that is new in software on Al-Fares Informatics website, you can download XPlayer Video Player for free.
  • MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, and TS are among the video formats supported by XPlayer.
  • The XPlayer video player application is characterized by its small size, which facilitates the process of downloading the program on the mobile phone because it does not require a large amount of storage space.
  • The XPlayer video player is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • XPlayer provides fast, high-performance playback of HD and Ultra HD video files up to 4K quality.
  • The developers of the XPlayer application are interested in providing updates to a new secondary feature, improving the program's speed, and resolving any issues that users may encounter.
  • XPlayer supports a variety of languages, including a full user interface in Arabic, making it easier for the Middle East to use after removing the language barrier.
  • You can use TXX Player to share videos on your phone and then watch them on TV using Chromecast capability.
  • XPlayer is offline and does not require a mobile internet connection.
  • XPlayer does not require you to create a new account or log in with your social media accounts.
  • The XPlayer video player allows you to import pre-made subtitle files or search for them on the Internet directly from the application.
  • In X-Player, you can change the subtitle display speed to match the video display speed if the subtitles do not match the video display speed.
  • You can only listen to audio videos and use the phone while the program is running in the background.
  • The sleep timer allows you to set a specific time for the player to turn off or after the video has finished playing.
  • Whether from internal memory or SD memory, XPlayer takes all video files in different formats and recognizes them instantly.

The latest update of XPlayer video player has added new features

  • When returning the movie, add a mirror option.
  • • Music has been divided into new sections, such as sorting by album or singer name.
  • When producing fast-forward or rewind music, speed is supported.
  • In the latest upgrade, long range audio files can now be played back.
  • Resolve a large number of problems and errors previously encountered by users.
  • Performance improvement to provide a more enjoyable user experience.

With the feature currently the most pressing concern among technology consumers, XPlayer has received a lot of praise. This software can protect the privacy of videos that you think are personal and want to remain hidden. This will help the user achieve two goals. For starters, users will not be able to delete movies that have been rated as safe. To permanently remove this data, it must go through additional authentication processes. Secondly, this app prevents strangers from watching the video. Because you will be able to add a password layer to the movie to keep it safe. Unless you give out your password, XPlayer will be the most secure place you can imagine.

Download XPlayer video player app.

As mentioned earlier, you can use this XPlayer app to play videos on your TV. It takes a little longer if your TV is on Android and you want to connect manually. However, if you already have a Chromecast, the content you want to stream to your TV will come much faster. In addition, using the "XPlayer" compatibility package, you can quickly search for available seats on the Internet for movies without subtitles. Users just need to download it afterwards and apply it to the video they are watching. Moreover, features such as playing the video in a pop-up window, split screen, or in the background can speed up the viewing process.

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Download XPlayer video player software

The most important part and section of our topic has arrived today, which is providing links to download XPlayer for free on the Knight Informatics website, which will work on Android mobile devices with quick direct links through official stores as well as alternative programs for playing video files in different formats on iPhone phones and computers with screens High quality up to 4K with support. Download XPlayer and try it right away.


Download XPlayer for Android