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Download XRecorder, the best screen recording program for PC and mobile free

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Download XRecorder- best screen recording program

Download XRecorder, the best screen recording program for PC and mobile free

Download the screen recording software: Welcome, dear friends and visitors, to website. Our topic for today is to download the latest version of the screen recording program for computer and mobile, for free, with a direct link, with high quality. Photography is used for a variety of purposes, not just recording life events. When mobile devices were introduced, they brought with them a new type of video recording that could be shared with others. This may sound unusual in the past, but it is becoming very popular now, and many screen recording software has been developed. However, only a few of the dozens of apps created have had excellent reviews, one of which is XRecorder, a screen recording software. This app is one of the most popular tools for users to make use of and enjoy. Download XRecorder screen recording app and try it out right away.

Download XRecorder to record screen in high quality

Download XRecorder, a high-quality screen recording program for PC, for free, as the user was sure that the user had used an application with a similar function, so that getting used to the application is not very difficult. There is also a default application installed on the user's device, but it is not likely to meet the user's requirements. This program is very similar to the one that the user used previously; The only difference is that it has more functionality. The default app is already installed and ready to use on your smartphone. If you want to use this application, you must first download and install XRecorder on the user's device from the store. The user is now ready to use the application after installing it.

 XRecorder App

This application, which we will highlight today in this topic, allows you to record a video of your mobile screen in very high quality with many different features that we will discuss in detail, but there is no version of this application that works on the computer, so we will suggest an alternative.

Details about the XRecorder app

The initial release of XRecorder was released on May 10, 2019 by InShot Inc. , a Hong Kong-based company that has already demonstrated many basic and well-known and indispensable applications to many people around the world. The software is one of the most popular screen capture video apps with more than 10 million downloads in a short period of time, which shows how much consumers enjoy it. Unfortunately, there is no version of the XRecorder app designed to work on iOS mobile devices or on computers; However, we will be interested in providing links to other programs that perform the same functions.

Download XRecorder latest version

Download the XRecorder program on your computer and mobile, the latest version for free, as is the case with the XRecorder program, one of the main aspects that we care about on the website is to provide everything that is new and free of programs and games. You can get it from the official stores via simple direct links at the bottom of the page. A very compact screen recording app, that's exactly what you want. It is easy for consumers to download and install the software on mobile devices as it does not take up much storage space. XRecorder is an offline system that does not require a mobile connection to the Internet to enjoy its features anywhere without restrictions, as it does not require the operation of advanced devices, as it works on medium and low-quality phones with high efficiency and speed, and you can choose the quality of the video that is recorded to reach HD quality . Now download XRecorder and try it right away.

Explanation of XRecorder

After downloading the XRecorder app for your phone using the links at the bottom of the page, you will notice that it supports Arabic, making it easier for people from the Middle East to use because the language barrier has been removed. The main interface of the program provides four settings which are listed below.


XRecorder This section contains all the videos that were recorded as part of the program.


Pictures: The functionality is the same as in the previous section, but the pictures are saved.


Pen: With it you can edit or modify the video, as it contains the basic tools of any editing software, allowing you to shoot and edit the video to achieve the final clip without having to install many applications.

Gear: This option includes the app's settings, which offer a variety of useful features.

A floating mark on the mobile phone screen allows the user to control the application and video capture while providing quick access to important functions. It also has the following four alternatives.


The recording tag is responsible for starting, pausing and stopping the recording of videos, as well as for ending the recording.


With a brush that indicates the movement of the user's finger on the screen during shooting, you can control the recording medium either through the phone screen or the camera.

The home icon allows you to easily visit the main application interface and view the recorded clips.


Gear icon: This is the same tag that was used to enter the program settings earlier.

Download XRecorder screen recording software

You can download XRecorder with a direct link from here. We have provided a direct download link for XRecorder. When users want to record the screen, they should open the application and look for a button in the corner of the screen; Simply click on it, and the app will display a virtual key for them to record the video. It also has a start recording button; Simply click it to get started. When done, click the button again to finish recording and save the video. Then, the film was stored on the user's device and ready for use.

XRecorder Features and Benefits

  • Since we promised to provide all new and free software on Al Fares Informatics website, you can download XRecorder for free.
  • XRecorder is an application that allows you to record high-quality video from the screen of your mobile device.
  • VX Recorder is a screen capture tool compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Since XRecorder does not require root access and has no recording time limit, user can record indefinitely until phone storage is exhausted.
  • In XRecorder a watermark with the application name or logo does not appear in the video captured from the smartphone screen.
  • • Through the XRecorder application, you can record your phone screen while using other applications, such as Tik Tok, and while playing electronic games.
  • In XRecorder you can choose the level of clarity and efficiency with which the captured image is exported to the phone's memory, up to Ultra HD.
  • The X-Recorder application is easy to use, with icons floating across the screen displaying a variety of useful tools for photography.
  • XRecorder You can use a timer or a countdown timer to start recording the screen without pressing the record button.
  • In XRecorder you can choose whether you want to save the captured movies in the internal or external memory.
  • User can pause recording and resume later, which saves video size and reduces editing time.
  • XRecorder captures your phone's screen, whether it's in portrait or landscape mode.
  • From within the program, you can post your screen recording to your YouTube channel or a variety of other social media sites.
  • The screen recording application is characterized by its small size, which makes it easy to download and install XRecorder as it does not require a large amount of flash storage.
  • X-Recorder comes with a video editor that allows you to simply edit the recorded clips directly from the application.
  • Through the program, you can switch to recording through the phone's camera, whether it is front or back.

The latest update of the screen recording software has added new features.

  • XRecorder now allows users to create live broadcasts on a variety of networks, including the popular YouTube.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to stop recording.
  • Improving the general performance of the application in order to give a better user experience.
  • Working to solve a number of problems and malfunctions that users faced previously.

XRecorder excellent quality

One of the most important considerations when recording a screen is whether or not the quality is guaranteed. There are many applications. Everything is fine while the user is signing up, but when the product is acquired, the quality is absolutely terrible. Video quality may affect performance significantly; For example, when a user is trying to guide someone but the video is too vague for the viewer to understand. When it comes to the software, this will not be the case as the app will allow users to retrieve photos in very high resolution. This app can output the video in full HD quality, and users can also select the video quality when retweeting it.

Download XRecorder for free

We recommend downloading XRecorder. There are many applications available for users to use, but most of them have the drawback of limited functionality. For example, the maximum video length is only 10 minutes, however 10 minutes is not always enough to get the job done. However, there will be no restrictions when using this app as it allows users to record movies for an unlimited period of time. The software is always ready for use as long as the user has enough power. However, the user should not overuse the device as this would reduce its performance.

The most important part and section of our topic has arrived today, which is to display the links to download the free screen recording software on Al-Fares Informatics website for use on devices such as mobile phones, computers and laptops running different operating systems with quick direct links via the repository administrator. Download XRecorder now and enjoy a variety of unique features. The application for editing and changing the internal video while recording the smartphone screen in very high definition and without watermark.