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Explain and Download Vidiq Tool, Best Way to Get Best YouTube Search Results

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Explain and Download Vidiq Tool, Best Way to Get Best YouTube Search Results

Without a doubt, if you are a content creator or owner of a YouTube channel, you will strive in every way to increase the number of views and improve the level of your channel, and there is no doubt that this will happen if you are among the first results search engine or they will show up well in the YouTube search engine, and here you will need to understand how the Search engine works and how YouTube works.

YouTube classifies videos based on some basic criteria:

  • YouTube video title
  • Description Description of the YouTube video
  • In video settings, there are keywords that are used.

How to know the best keywords to use in a YouTube video

Here too the question will arise: Where can I learn the best words to use in my video, be it in the title, description or keywords, and where can I learn about the strength of the words that I will use, both in terms of terms , search ranking and number of visits? There is a very small tool or plugin that can be used to get all of these things and more.


It is a vidiq tool and is widely regarded as one of the best and most powerful plugins for YouTube channel owners.


Explain the vidiq tool, which is the most effective way to generate search results on YouTube.

vidiq is a browser plugin that gives you tons of statistics and analysis for all your YouTube channels, and the best part is that it is completely free; All you have to do is register an account with the particular site and install the plugin.

  • The following link will take you to the page where you can download the vidiq plugin.
  • Install vidiq by clicking here.
  • After entering the site, you can create an account by providing an email address and choosing a password, or you can use the channel's gmail account, after which you will find a number of new features that were previously only available on the page YouTube playback. .
  • There are areas for your YouTube channel data, such as total views and daily views, as well as the number of subscriptions and video ratings in terms of likes and dislikes.
  • There is also a section on video compatibility with the YouTube search engine.
  • There is also a section to know the keywords used in the video, as well as a section to know the keywords of the entire channel.

VIDIQ has the following features to help it rank first in search results:

  • Check the videos on your YouTube channel. In terms of search engine optimization,
  • You must know the YouTube SEO percentage for videos and channels.
  • You must know the keywords of any YouTube video. Also, include them in your videos.
  • To rank better in search results, choose strong keywords.
  • Easily learn everything there is to know about your channel. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the channel.
  • Know the flaws in your videos so you can avoid or correct them.
  • By getting the perfect keywords, you can optimize and optimize your channel's SEO so that it appears at the top of search results.
  • Regarding views and subscriptions, a general evaluation of the channel is made.