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Download APKShare App of Mobile Sharing free to share applications

Download APKShare App of Mobile Sharing free to share applications

Download APKShare App of Mobile Sharing free to share applications

APKShare program: Hello and welcome to the website dear zooom4u, our topic today is to download APKShare for Android and also download APKShare for iPhone with direct, quick and easy links, so we recommend downloading APKShare and have a try right away.

APKShare Home Program

The mobile environment and technology available today are not the same as they used to be. There has been a breakthrough in mobile operating systems a few years ago, and mobile phone manufacturers have released the latest feature-rich smartphones. Today, there is no one in the world who does not own a smartphone with a variety of applications, games and functions. Sometimes you come across a nice application with a friend that attracts you, but you don't have internet service wherever you are, or the size of the application is large because you carry it through the phone's internet package. So downloading the app is too expensive for you. Today, on the tech jockey website, we are going to show you a great solution to this problem - the home sharing app.

Share House allows you to install software silently; That is, all you have to do is select the program you want to install and it will install without your help. The original program file is not installed, but the program files transferred from one phone to another are installed and received on the other phone and do not require installation, you can also transfer the games in the same way to any other phone via Bluetooth or direct Wi-Fi. APKShare can also quickly and easily transfer files between phones, and you can install and remove apps without rooting, unless you want to remove a program loaded with the Android platform.

Information on downloading the Sharing House program

Sharing House is a software that manages mobile applications and is one of the most popular among mobile users today. The first thing we have to mention about this software is that it is completely free, so you will not have to spend anything to enjoy it.

Download APKShare for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free

The first feature of the Al Fares Tech website that we are interested in is the provision of all new and free games and applications, such as the Share House program. APKShare is mobile friendly and can be downloaded with simple direct links from the official stores at the bottom of the page. The Android operating system can be downloaded from the official Google Play store for mobile phones. You can test APKShare on your iPhone iOS by downloading it from the official Apple store.

We also have to mention that this APKShare software was only released for Android and now you can get it from Google Play Store. However, at the end of the topic, we will provide you with similar software that performs the same functions as our current app for running iPhones on iOS.

Features and Functions of the Share House App Download

  • As we used to do on the Al Fares Tech website to offer something new and free, you can now download the home sharing program for free.
  • The main objective of the application is to facilitate the management of mobile applications, such as the installation and uninstallation of applications and games.
  • The tool allows you to share your mobile applications and games with others without the need for an application installation file.
  • The program allows you to create a backup copy of any application or game and store it on your phone or any external storage for future use.
  • The program does not require root access to uninstall applications from your phone, but it does require an exception: when you try to remove an application from the system.
  • Only the Android operating system was compatible with the software release.
  • APKShare allows you to send files from one phone to another using WiFi Direct.
  • The application supports a variety of languages, but we are concerned that it supports Arabic.
  • The application is small and does not take up much space on your phone.
  • The program has a beautiful interface that is easy to use and works quickly.

Description of the APKShare program

  • Once you have downloaded the Share House program from the link at the end of the article, launch it. It will show you all the applications loaded on your mobile phone, including the system applications. You choose the application or the game you want to share with your friend, as the picture shows for you on the device, for example, choose the Free Fire game.
  • There are several options as shown in the diagram; We will describe the function of each as follows:
  • - Sharer: used to share games or software that have been installed on mobile devices.
  • - Copy: to make a backup copy of an application or game installed on the phone, or to move it to an external storage device and keep it.
  • - Delete: You intend to delete the applications and games that were installed on the phone, but if you want to remove applications from the system, you need root access.
  • When you choose to share an application or game, you will get a number of options, the fastest of which is transfer via Wi-Fi Direct, followed by Bluetooth, as shown in the images.

Download APKShare App for iPhone

However, as mentioned above, the sharing software is only accessible for Android; However, today we will provide links to alternative applications that perform the same tasks for iPhone phones that use the IOS operating system.