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Download AT Player App for Android and iPhone, a free MP3 music downloader

Download AT Player App for Android and iPhone, a free MP3 music downloader
Download AT Player App

Download AT Player App for Android and iPhone, a free MP3 music downloader

AT Player: Download AT PLAYER for Android and iPhone, the latest version for free with a direct link, where we recommend you download AT Player and try it immediately. Today, we are going to show you the well-known AT PLAYER music download software, which comes packed with a host of useful features.

AT Player App free MP3 music downloader

AT PLAYER: Do you have a great interest in music? Do you want to listen to music whenever and wherever you want? AT Player is an excellent music application for you. An application that tracks music downloads at all times. Let's see what this software has to offer in terms of utilities and features!

Download AT Player App for Android and iPhone with a free direct link

You can download the AT PLAYER program for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link, where as with the AT PLAYER program, one of the first elements that concerns us on the Al Faris Technical website is to provide everything that is free and new. in games and programs. You can get it from official stores via simple direct links at the bottom of the page. The Ghana Downloader App is compatible with Android phones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can test the AT PLAYER app on iOS devices by downloading it from the official Apple Store. In addition to the download function, it includes a special player that you can use to play songs and videos on your mobile phone. The program supports a wide range of languages, including full support for the Arabic language interface, increasing the ease of use of the application without the need for an explanation.

Information on downloading the Music Downloader app

The Super Free Music Player application group released the initial version of the song download application on December 1, 2016. AT PLAYER allows users to listen to and download songs as well as free music clips. The show's library contains over 200 million songs, music clips, and videos and is constantly growing with the addition of the latest content, indicating that it is incredibly popular. Free Music Downloader Download MP3 is a small application that allows people to easily download and install it on their devices because it does not require a large amount of storage memory. It also works on simple to medium spec devices and provides high performance without the need for high-end mobile devices.

Download AT PLAYER mobile app and more than 200 million songs are available for free.

After downloading the AT PLAYER mobile app, users can download any music for free, especially the latest and greatest. In addition, you can listen to music even when you are not connected to the Internet, allowing you to listen to music and watch interesting videos at any time. This software has access to over 200 million free music to give you the best possible experience! At the same time, this program allows you to download music from Podcasts, Dropbox and Jamendo for offline listening. One thing to keep in mind when using this is that you can only stream music from YouTube, not download it. AT Player is the result of the previous tools.


YouTube Player is consistently ranked among the most popular music and audio apps of 2020. Also, the app can mute music with equalizer, adjust speed, and boost bass easily and quickly. This MP3 downloader allows you to download more than 9 million songs. As these app-based tools are the preferred choice of many users around the world, users can listen to music freely and calm their brains efficiently.

Download the AT PLAYER app for Android and stream at your leisure

Since all features are free, it is no wonder this software receives many positive reviews. Enjoying music has never been easier with unlimited time, no accounts, and no transactions. The database is vast and varied, and you can stream any song you want from the free music library. At the same time, the app features a useful feature that displays custom tracks based on song taste, which is determined by sophisticated AI recommendation software. Through the search function or get acquainted with the current music in this application, you can find free and modern high-quality music!


After downloading the AT PLAYER application for the phone, you will notice that there is a lightweight and powerful music player in the application that enriches YouTube music videos. Equalizer, Bass Boost, Ringtones, Lyrics, Cool Dark Themes, Sleep Timer, Playlist, Dropbox, Podcast and other new music player features will allow you to easily choose and fully meet your entertainment needs. The app also has a multitasking feature called AT Player, which allows users to listen to free music on YouTube while using other apps like Instagram, Facebook, Game, etc. In addition, the player lock mode and battery saver allow you to listen to music for an extended period of time without having to turn off the phone.

Download the mp3 song download app

AT Player allows users to download an infinite amount of music. Users can search for any song, album, artist, remix, single, cover, FM radio station, podcast, and more. It comes with an ad-free option and can detect recently played tracks. Multitasking, listening to the public playlist directly, or importing your own YouTube playlist are possible with the fully configurable pop-up player in the app. Users can download music by mood, activity, genre, chart, and daily playlist for free and instantly. Other genres include hip-hop, reggaeton, k-pop, Latin, electronic, pop, R&B, jazz, disco, rock, and classic. Together, at the same time, the program has a number of useful functions, such as the ability to listen to downloaded songs offline, set alarms, ringtones, sleep timer, etc. The Free Music Downloader Download MP3 application will be useful to you. YouTube Player is a program that allows you to watch videos.

song downloader

AT PLAYER Listeners can download song cover images and play music offline with MP3 player. Also, the software can modify the pitch using presets in a variety of genres, including Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk, Heavy Metal, Classic, etc. Enhance sound quality with bass, virtualizer, and reverb changes, as well as shuffle and repeat songs. In addition, MP3, FLAC, M4B, MP4, 3GP, MID, OGG and other lossless music formats are supported by applying lossless music, video and audio formats. Users can also use the app to control bluetooth headsets, play favorite song playlists, view history, get recommendations, and share playlists and music with others.


Music is a drug that can reduce stress and fatigue and relax the mind. What are you waiting for if you don't download AT Player now? This YouTube player is quite useful. Hope you enjoy relaxing moments listening to good music while using this app!