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Subway free download for mobile devices and computers with the latest update

Subway free download for mobile devices and computers with the latest  update

Subway: You can download the Subway game for mobile and computer, the latest update, free, with a direct link, on Subway Surfers. It is a classic game where you run through the suffocating and dangerous tunnels of the subway and collect as many gold coins as possible. Now download the subway game and have a try right away. 

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Subway game

Sabwe: The old subway rails are full of gold, but getting your hands on them will take a lot of guts and quick feet. Jake and his team of racing friends must race to the racetracks, flee from the grumpy security guard, and collect gold without getting hit by a subway car in Subway Surfers Online. Fly down the slopes and don't stop because this PC and mobile game has no patience! That's exact, we use the term "desktop". Subway Surfers is a popular game downloaded by millions of people around the world. You can download Subway for PC and now you can continue to creak on the sidewalk from the comfort of your workplace. Are you a surfer for the first time? Do not worry; This unlocked sabwe game is easy to learn and play, but difficult to master. Let's take a look at how to play.

Download subway game

After downloading Subway and when you start Subway Surfers, the point is clear: it is a classic game of cat and mouse, except this time you are the mouse. You are running through the claustrophobic and dangerous subway tunnels, collecting as many pennies as you can. Swiping up and down to move left and right, or up and down to jump and roll over obstacles, are basic commands on mobile. Although the controls are familiar, the game is still challenging.

Sabwe whatever happens: around, above or below

You make your way down the tracks with the penetrating inspector breathing down your neck at the start of each free online Subway Surfers game. He'll grab you by the neck if you stop for a second, so he's at full speed at all times, right? You will run from left to right through three lanes to avoid obstacles while running and navigating the subway. You will quickly see that the subway floor is littered with so many items that you will have to hurry, crouch, or jump. Subway cars heading straight for you are, of course, your main concern! That's right, you're driving against the flow of traffic. You didn't expect the whole train to stop so you could get some gold, did you? When it comes to gold, you are not there to have a good time and risk your life. You are trying to collect as many gold coins as possible. Go back and forth, surf your skateboard, and do whatever it takes to keep the good stuff going without splashing! This was your Kiloo Play Now introduction to Subway on the web.

At Subway, things start to move faster as you move along subway lines, and one little misstep could end an amazing line. There are two ways to claim a second chance, but you won't like it: either by watching a commercial or by spending keys (in-game currency) to start playing where you left off. The more you fail in one attempt, the more clues you will need to get you back on track. At this point, the game turns to the expected microtransactions.

Nothing is truly free, and Subway Surfers is no exception, with ads and microtransactions galore. To its credit, you are never obliged to buy anything, although it is highly recommended if you want to improve your chances of winning. More keys means more sodas, and for $ 9.99 you can get 50 of them, which should be enough to keep you in the game a little longer. Of course, you can also risk your money in Token Boxes, a "treasure chest" system for random rewards. Additional dazzling characters, clothes, and skateboards can be unlocked with in-game currency (which you can also buy for real money for between $ 1.00 and $ 100.00). Some characters are inexpensive (like Lucy, which costs only 7000), but others can take a long time to find (Spike, Yutani or Fresh depend on luck to draw through Token Boxes). Boombot, for example, can only be unlocked if you give up and spend money in the game.

If you're determined to win your in-game prizes without paying money, keep an eye out for Daily Challenges and Weekly Captures, which are ways (albeit unexpected) of rewarding you for certain decisions you make. You can also earn coins by downloading some of the games that you will see advertised on Subway Surfers, such as June Journey, World War Rising, and Coin Dozer. The game also asks you to link your Facebook account, promising you a free character (Dino) and cash prizes if you do.

Download Subway and take your navigation skills to the next level

Among all, becoming a Subway Surfer requires much more than running the same track and collecting coins. This game has collected so many downloads that it has its own fan base! Thousands of surfers hit the waves each month, so the Subway Surf team has designed rotating special characters, promotions, and our personal favorite, the World Tour, to keep things exciting. You may be wondering what the World Tour is all about. Subway Surfers travel to a different region around the world every few weeks. At every tourist stop, you will find a local figure who can give you a tour of the railways. You will immediately notice that the subway vehicles, the obstacles, and the environment are all different. Is not it wonderful? This gives the Subway Surfers community the opportunity to keep things fun and show off their surfing skills to the rest of the world. If you don't master a few things first, you won't be able to do much. Let's take a closer look.

Where can the Sabwe Subway game be downloaded?

Sabwe is compatible with the following operating systems: iOS, Mac OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8, and Kindle.

In our opinion, Subway Surfers has raised the bar for endless runners, which is why we applaud Subway's great game.

Subway game characters

Our main characters Jake, Triki, Yutani, Fresh and a few others make up the main gang. Some of these characters can be unlocked by finding specific icons on the tracks (like Fresh's boombox). You will get this character if you collect enough. Make sure to save because special characters often take a lot of money. To get all the codes, money and keys, you will need to make a lot of Subway Surfers games.


The fluid and addictive gameplay is pretty standard, but you don't see as much depth, user customization, or fluid gameplay very often. The core of the experience is fast, engaging and free, which is exactly what we were looking for in the race.

Do you think you should download the Subway game?

Yes really. Subway is a big name in endless runners on mobile devices, and if that's your thing, then this game has a lot to offer.