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Among Us for computers and Mac devices free with a direct link

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 Among Us for computers and Mac devices free with a direct link

Among Us download - there are a lot of games that involve team play as does Among Us. In the real world, we can say that playing as a team is closely related to the necessary game design. Regardless of whether you are a crewmate or a hustler, you need to collaborate closely with your team, either to complete your missions, or to trick them and create a false sense of security, just to drag the rug from under their legs immediately and get rid of them from the match. Learn more about how to upgrade your Among Us experience on PC.

Download the Among S game for computer and Mac with a direct link

Downloading Among US game for computer and Mac devices for free through our site with a direct link from the direct link below, while most of your success (or failures) in that game will result directly from your interactions with other players, there is a soft line of topics that you can do on your part. To develop your odds of success. Specifically, among Us gaming on PC gives you an inherent advantage as you will be able to play on a larger screen on the direction of your mobile device, while also controlling your character using the keyboard, a theme that allows you to travel, move and complete missions in a faster direction. In addition to that, as we mentioned in our beginners guide, you can also play the game on the computer for free, while you usually have to pay for Steam production, so there is that.

However, in this guide, we'll take a deeper look at the topics you can accomplish at the hand of playing Among Us and additionally provide a limited number of helpful tips and tricks for the overall gameplay.

Get around in a faster and easier way using the keymap tool

Among the games, one of the best parts is the keymap tool, which gives you the ability to control all of your favorite mobile games using the mouse and keyboard. This indicates that, behind swiping and tapping on the screen of your mobile device to impose control over the action, you will use your computer peripherals with greater success and accuracy.

Conveniently, the keymap facility is a feature that allows you to create custom control charts for any mobile game. At its simplest, you can navigate around the map using the WASD keys, and interact with objects using other buttons. However, this preference also allows you to freely place complementary shortcuts and links on any section of the screen, which gives you greater control over your game using just the keyboard.

By continuing to Among Us, this means that while you have superior control over the game, you can also enjoy optimal surfing while browsing the lists or completing specific missions. While you are still playing and getting acquainted with the various tasks that require completion in various sports, you can add an abundance of shortcuts to the screen that will allow you to complete most of the missions using the keymap, which allows you valuable time and brings you closer to victory.

To access the keymap facility, all you have to do is run the game, and press Ctrl + Shift + A. On that screen, you can freely update the running relationships, or even add recent links by pulling the predefined functions on the board located on the largest and right-hand side to any of them. . A section of the screen and linked to the mouse button or the keyboard.

We recommend that you save the Amoung S game file and spend your time getting to know the components of mandating control of the keyboard, after this you will have a much easier time wandering around the various maps and becoming a superior teammate or a crook as a result.

Among Us for computers and Mac devices free : click here