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The mysterious truth behind the social media outage in the world

The mysterious truth behind the social media outage in the world

The reasons for the malfunction of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - While the real reasons for what happened yesterday are still unknown and mysterious, social networking sites were buzzing yesterday with news of the sudden disruption in social networking sites.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down

Some sites have attributed the reason for this malfunction to a wrong modification in the settings, while Facebook announced that the main reason is changes in the settings of the main routers.

In his statements, some attributed that Facebook caused political crises between the major countries of the world for spreading misleading and false news and information, while the US Department of Defense stated that there is a possibility of a security threat against the background of what happened.

Social media disruption losses

Facebook losses in some analyzes amounted to seven billion dollars as a result of this sudden malfunction, but the main reason for what happened remains unknown until the moment.

Reasons for social media disruption (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook)

The world has become paralyzed as a result of malfunctions and disruptions in social networking sites and applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as Twitter, Google, Amazon and Tik Tok.

It was difficult for users to access these platforms.


As Facebook's stock declines, the Pentagon has revealed that it is looking into the possibility of a security risk as a result of what is going on on social media.

The fact that social networking sites are not working

Social media disruption: What prevented the wheels of these sites from spinning? Could these platforms have gotten out of hand? So, how big are the losses as a result of what is happening?

Social media has stopped working around the world

The reasons for the failure of the most famous social networking sites on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are now experiencing a sudden stop all over the world, and so far due to some of the many, important and serious reasons that are likely to be the cause of the sudden interruption of site services without informing users of this stop, which may be the longest in The history of these sites.

Why did Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crash?

More than an hour ago, all the services of the famous social networking sites "Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram", which are the most used sites around the world, and the number of their users reached one billion users, and these sites had previously experienced crashes, but not for long. time, angering users around the world.

Reasons for the downfall of social networking sites in the world

1 Make sure the servers of these websites are up to date.

2- For certain parties, these sites are now vulnerable to hacker attacks.

3- It may be related to the process of data leakage for the profit of certain parties as well as users.


So far, no announcement has been made by the owners of these sites to explain the reason for the interruption or to set a date for the restoration of site services in the coming hours. Snapchat, Telegram, and YouTube users can be found in every country on the planet, and the real reasons are currently being researched. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all fallen for the count.


The truth behind the social media outage. Facebook updated its network routing information today. The Pentagon says it is looking into the possibility of a security risk from disrupting social media. And there is the American media: email is the only thing that works.


The applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) have returned to work after being cut off from all parts of humanity for several hours.