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Download CrossFire game for mobile and computer, the latest version for free

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Download CrossFire game

Download CrossFire for mobile and computer, the latest version for free

CrossFire Game: Download and download the CrossFire game for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac, the latest version for free with a direct link, where we recommend that you download CrossFire and try it immediately.

CrossFire game

Download Crossfire Due to its many countless features, in addition to being a combat strategy game, Crossfire is one of the most popular electronic games and as a result, the number of its fans is increasing day by day. However, some people are not able to play the game due to lack of knowledge of how to play or download it, so in this article we will explain how to download Crossfire game, as well as explain the game features.

Download CrossFire for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download and download CrossFire for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free, CrossFire: Legends is a battle royale game inspired by the legendary CrossFire, one of the most famous first-person shooter games in China. Up to 120 people compete on a large island full of weapons, as we have seen many times before in this genre. Only one of them will be able to live. Or four if you like to play in groups rather than alone.


The controls in CrossFire: Legends are standard: the directional control panel is on the left side of the screen, while the buttons to shoot, crouch, lie down, jump, and aim with your weapon's telescopic sight are on the right. In addition, you can change many controls, including the drive system, in the tuning options.

Explain how to play CrossFire

After downloading CrossFire, the game starts and you are inside the plane, which you have to exit when you are ready. You will have to start running as soon as you arrive in order to collect weapons and live. You should also keep an eye on the blue force field, which is getting smaller and smaller. Remember that the winner is the one who survives to the end, not the one who kills the most people. In theory, profit can be made by killing only one enemy...or by killing no one at all.

Within Crossfire, the competition begins between two competing teams: The Blacklist, which represents the terrorist team, and Global Risk, which represents the largest and most powerful army teams from multiple countries, such as the Russian Special Forces team, and the British Air Special. Troops, or the American Weapons and Tactics Team. You can choose the team you want to join in the game, and then your team will assign tasks for you to complete. There are a variety of missions in the game, including a death match between two teams, escape mode, elimination mode, stealth mode, diversion mode, search and destroy, and stealth mode. The game begins with the rank of apprentice, and after going through several battles and collecting experience points, you gradually progress until you reach the rank of Marshal, which is the highest position in the game.

CrossFire Download Information

CrossFire is an action and war game that has been around for a long time. SmileGate released the original version of the game in 2007, after which it was developed and a new version was released in 2016. The game competes directly with the most famous Royal Battle games as it is played online through a single competition on the global internet. The main feature of the game is its huge arsenal of weapons, which includes more than 100 different guns and missiles. The game is only compatible with Windows computers of different versions, but we will provide you with a version of the game that is compatible with mobile devices. You can download Crossfire for free from the official stores if you have an Android or iOS mobile phone. If you want to get other weapons faster, the game allows you to buy these weapons.

Download CrossFire for PC with a direct link

You can download CrossFire for PC with a direct link for free. CrossFire: Legends is a fun game that you can play alone or with a group of four people. The best thing is that while the latest addition is the Battle Royale mode, you can still play the original CrossFire PvP mode.

CrossFire is a free first-person shooter that lets you compete online against millions of other players from all over the world.


The gameplay in CrossFire is eerily similar to the old Counter-Strike. This time around, two distinct gangs of mercenaries, The Blacklist and Global Risk, are competing in a battle with global repercussions. Of course, you must choose between the two options.


CrossFire, like other online shooting games, includes a variety of game modes - more than 10 in total. Classics like Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode, as well as new favorites like Mutation Mode and Shadow Mode are among the best. All games are played in one of different ways.


You have the option to customize your character's appearance and weapons before you start playing. Upgrades are available for more than twenty different weapons in the game, including pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and many more.


Depending on how well you play, you will be given EXP and other incentives at the end of each CrossFire game. This is how you get levels and buy improvements for your Avatar game. You can of course spend real money to buy improvements.

Features of Crossfire Download

  • The first feature we want to highlight is the fact that Crossfire is now available for free download.
  • High visuals, great graphics and a large number of sound effects contribute to the excitement factor of the game.
  • The size of the game or the specifications it requires are not affected by the high graphics of the game. You can play the game on medium or low power devices.
  • Crossfire contains a large number of different weapons and ammunition, with more than 100 different weapons.
  • Crossfire It is based on online gameplay, which generates a lot of excitement because you are competing with other people rather than the game itself.
  • Despite the fact that the game is available online, it has thousands of players available to compete in in-game competitions at any time.
  • Crossfire includes combat and play areas with stunning design and a large number of maps (up to 60).
  • Despite the HD graphics, the game is light and fast, with a smooth and easy gameplay that makes it easy to tune into the game.

Download Crossfire game.

It's time to post a link to the knight tech site where you can download Crossfire for free. As mentioned earlier, the game is only available for use on computers, but we will be showing different versions of the game for use on mobile devices.