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Download PUBG NEW STATE game 2022, the latest version for free

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Download PUBG NEW STATE game 2022, the latest version for free

PUBG New State: Download PUBG NEW STATE game for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac, the latest version for free with a direct link, where we recommend that you download PUBG NEW STATE and try it right away.


Download PUBG NEW STATE for Android: Hello and welcome to my close friends, visitors of the technical knight website. In recent years, the most popular games for gamers around the world have been action and shooting games with support for online multiplayer mode, as well as mobile phones. Developers and software companies have been able to create massive mobile games thanks to smartphones. Unlike previous generations, who were interested in making such massive games for PlayStation game consoles or PCs, many of today's games are only available to play on smartphones, including Great Games. Download links have been shown for Combat Master Online FPS, the first AAA graphics quality FPS game on mobile and a version of Modern Warfare on phones. The game is now being tested for players until any bugs are discovered and fixed, allowing players to experience the great atmosphere and shooting.

The most popular game genre in recent years has been Battle Royale, which has an atmosphere different from traditional action and shooting games, as it features an open world with multiplayer gameplay and an online system. The main objective within the game is to collect weapons and armor that will help you survive and survive until the end of the round, or until your team eliminates more opposing team members and ends up with more memorabilia. Sausage Man or Sausage Man that was previously offered among these games The design of the characters in the form of sausage has been nicely modified, but when we talk about Battle Royale, we cannot forget the most amazing and wonderful is the famous PUBG game, which is played all over the world and occupies Currently the number one in the list of the most popular Battle Royale games. For this reason, we are going to introduce you to PUBG New State, which is a new and advanced part of the game. Play Pubg game in a new way.

Download PUBG NEW STATE for Android

Download and download PUBG NEW STATE for Android with a direct link for free, as PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG / PUBG), has released PUBG: NEW STATE for Android, a new battle royale game. In PUBG: NEW STATE, 100 players fight with an array of weapons and techniques until only one team survives. To survive on the shrinking battlefield, use your gear, vehicles and discarded goods to your advantage until you are the 'last man standing'.

Information about downloading the game PUBG New State for Android

The first version of the PUBG New State Android game download was officially released on November 11, 2021 by the Korean company KRAFTON Inc, despite the fact that the game was released just hours ago, it has already got more than 10 million downloads from one store. The game has been available for pre-registration for months now so that some players can try it out and identify any issues that need to be addressed or aspects that need to be developed. PUBG New State for iPhone is a Battle Royale action video game that is a sequel to the popular PUBG game. The game is played from a single player perspective. The third option is to shoot with the goal of surviving from the inside. In terms of gameplay, PUBG NEW STATE for PC is similar to its predecessor in that 100 players are dropped into an 8 x 8 km stadium and takes place in the year 2051. This is evident in the game design, which includes buildings as well as futuristic vehicles, weapons, and equipment.

Download PUBG NEW STATE for iPhone

Download PUBG NEW STATE game for iPhone, with a direct link, for free, as is the case with the pubg new state download game, one of the main aspects that we care about on the Al Faris Technical website is to provide everything that is new and free of games and applications. You can get it from official stores with quick direct links. One of the new features is the ability for players to summon drones from different locations on the map to check the atmosphere remotely and retrieve supplies. This feature is used in conjunction with a new type of armor that can be deployed in the core, as well as special currencies called Drone Credits which can be found inside homes while searching for resources during gameplay. In addition to the feature of team members returning after being eliminated while playing with the green signal pistol, you can submit a request to one of the other team members to join your team after dropping it.

Features and characteristics of downloading the game PUBG New State

  • Since we promised to provide all the new apps and games on the zooom4u website, you can download PUBG New State for free.
  • The second version of the world's most popular PUBG Battle Royale game, with enhanced features and set in the year 2051.
  • The game is accompanied by 3D visuals with realistic visuals that greatly exceed the limitations of mobile games.
  • With massive open global battlefields and the Vulkan interface, global lighting technologies ensure continuous service and best usability.
  • More realistic and dynamic weapons, with the ability to customize them to suit diverse requirements thanks to PUBG's unique weapon addition system.
  • A new generation of interactive games in which you dodge new cars in order to advance quickly through the open environment.
  • You can now summon drones or have the drones fetch materials from a specific location on the map while still keeping an eye on the atmosphere.
  • Introducing Troy Island, a brand new battlefield from the original game.
  • Adding new car groups, whether they are electric or gasoline-powered.
  • On the occasion of the launch day, a variety of gifts and surprises are presented; Rush to test them for great rewards.
  • You can either let the game decide the graphic quality for you.
  • To achieve better performance or high quality that meets the specifications of your mobile phone, you can allow the game to automatically select the graphic quality or manage it manually.
  • PUBG NEW STATE for Android is compatible with Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
  • You can try PUBG New State for iPhone on iOS devices by downloading it from the Apple Store and installing it on your iPhone.
  • It is based on a multiplayer mode in which 100 people compete at the same time in a war arena.
  • Since the ON Line system is based on a mobile phone, you must connect it to the Internet.
  • Supports event system to keep up with different seasons, such as Halloween, Christmas season is fast approaching.
  • The New State PUBG game for PC (emulator) can be downloaded for free.

Download PUBG New State for PC and Mac

You can download PUBG New State game for PC and Mac, the latest update, with a direct link, developed by KRAFTON, Inc. PUBG: NEW STATE for PC is an action game. For an immersive gaming experience, BlueStacks App Player is the perfect platform for playing Android games on your PC or Mac. In this official sequel to the game that started it all, get ready for a battle royale revolution.


With new game-changing mechanics, more explosive weapons, equipment, and ultra-realism that will blow you away, PUBG New State for PC is designed to reinvent the entire battle royale genre.

Download PUBG NEW STATE game 2022 

The most important element of our topic has arrived today, which is the presentation of the new PUBG NEW STATE download links for free on the zooom4u website, which will work on mobile devices running on different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores. If you enjoy PUBG and Battle Royale games, then you should try the new section of PUBG New State right away.


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