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6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

Because the Switch is a portable platform, it is understandable that players have been requesting Game Boy Advance titles for quite some time. That excitement has resurfaced thanks to a host of new reports (along with the launch of Nintendo's Expansion Pack online service). This time, the rumor comes from Twitter user trashbandatcoot, who uploaded photos of a rumored Nintendo Switch Game Boy Advance emulator.

A long list of games is seen in the screenshots, including Mario Bros. and Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. Another set of images shows the emulator in action, with titles from the F-Zero and Super Mario franchises among them. Of course, without a source, these screenshots are not proof, let alone confirmation from Nintendo that Game Boy Advance titles are coming to the Switch. Nintendo Switch Online, on the other hand, has recently begun selling a new version that allows gamers to access a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles. It is not a huge leap of faith to imagine that the company will be able to accomplish the same with Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

If Nintendo does decide to bring Game Boy Advance games to the Switch, it will have a large catalog to select from. From RPGs to 2D platformers, the Game Boy Advance had its fair share of successes. Six titles that would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch are listed below.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

When you think of Mario games, you generally picture the stocky Italian plumber wahoo-ing over bright 3D environments and stomping on Bowser. However, there was a time when Mario games paired the iconic character with his brother for full-fledged RPG adventures, complete with turn-based battle. Mario & Luigi games were amazing at fleshing out the universe in which one of gaming's most iconic characters lived, and it all started with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Superstar Saga is a one-of-a-kind Mario game that takes players to the magical Beanbean Kingdom. It ventures outside the Mushroom Kingdom's borders, introduces new adversaries and villains, and contains some fantastic, imaginative turn-based combat. Other Game Boy Advance RPGs make things hard with multiple systems, but Superstar Saga is straightforward and exciting right away, making it an ideal game for on-the-go play.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack can play classic games with other players, which is one of the game's strongest features. It is the first time several of the Nintendo 64 games available in the service may be played cooperatively without everyone being in the same room. That strength may also be used to a select handful of Game Boy Advance games, like Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, one of the best Kirby adventures.

6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

Two crucial elements distinguish Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. First and foremost, it is a metroidvania, with players navigating a vast maze-like map. The game also allows multiplayer, which is the second and most significant feature. A single game can include up to four players, each controlling a different colored Kirby. Given the scarcity of Kirby games on the Switch — despite the introduction of a new game in the brand, Kirby and the Forgotten Land — a co-op entry in the franchise would be a terrific addition.

Wario Land 4

Wario is now restricted to the WarioWare brand, which provides players with a smorgasbord of incredibly brief mini-games (known as micro-games) to play through as the game speeds up. Wario did, however, have his own platforming series for a while, with Wario Land 4 being the pinnacle. When it comes to platformers, this game is one of the greatest on the Game Boy Advance, and I do not think any Game Boy Advance collection on the Switch would be complete without it.

6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

From the moment it was published, Wario Land 4 had a lot of 2D platformer hallmarks. To collect wealth, players must move through large levels employing various transformations. The secret is that levels do not just end once the treasure is collected. Instead, as if they were in an Indiana Jones film, gamers must flee. As the structure begins to crumble, a timer starts counting down, making each level a race against the clock for players to escape with their loot. It is a blast to play, and it is one of the few absolutely required games for any Game Boy Advance library.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda franchise returned to its 2D beginnings with The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, following the spectacular success of The Wind Waker in 3D. Minish Cap, unlike Wind Waker, seems like a traditional Zelda adventure. Players explore Hyrule's vast world, but instead of changing seasons or journeying through time, they can decrease in size and explore a completely different universe.


6 Game Boy Advance games that should head to Switch Online

Minish Cap's puzzles make excellent use of Link's size-changing abilities, requiring him to expand and shrink in order to proceed through dungeons or discover new paths through the game's overworld. Minish Cap is enhanced by Ezlo, Link's sarcastic talking cap (bite your heart out Cappy), and the game's clever dungeon designs.

Metroid Fusion

If Metroid Dread showed anything, it is that fans of the long-running series still have a lot of affection for it. What better way to take advantage of that than with another of the game's best entries, which also happens to be very similar to it? While Metroid Fusion does not include robots that can instantly skewer Samus, the classic game does provide a new type of formidable foe to keep players on their toes.


Fusion, like most other Metroid games, allows players to gain new abilities while exploring the game's world. Players would be unable to battle because of SA-X, a parasite that lives inside Samus' previous power armor. Instead, they would have to flee and hide, just as they did in Metroid Dread. Fusion is a good option for Switch owners.

Mother 3

Let us be honest for a moment. Mother 3 is the least probable game on this list to appear in a Nintendo Switch Game Boy Advance library, but it is worth hoping for. The Mother (and EarthBound) games are classics in their own right; I first played EarthBound after it was introduced to the Nintendo Switch Online library, and it is still one of my favorites. Although several games have taken inspiration from the franchises, none have managed to match its witty tone.

Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan due to its tone. The game contains scenes of drug usage and animal abuse, as well as profound grief. These are not exactly Nintendo's favorite topics, and given that the Switch is frequently promoted at youngsters, the company's stance on them is unlikely to change. However, if a Game Boy Advance collection is added to Nintendo Switch Online, it may be one of the greatest (if not the last) opportunities for gamers outside of Japan to play the game properly.