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games pubg accounts

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games pubg accounts

games Welcome, my dear friends, visitors of the technical knight website. Today, we review games through this guide.


Gamesbandy PUBG Accounts is a game store that provides answers to the loopholes of the commercial game industry, allowing players to transact legally and openly.


PUBG accounts on games

Gamesbandy is a peer-to-peer platform that connects players by allowing them to trade in game products such as game accounts and in-game items. In exchange for a commission on each transaction, we offer protection to both parties.

Our target market consists of players from the MENA region, and the commission we get per transaction is our primary source of revenue.


What are the procedures for obtaining accounts?

Having powerful PUBG accounts is not easy; We have collected these accounts for you from their original owners, and created a site for those who want to donate their PUBG accounts for the benefit of others; The majority of people who have emptied their account or switched to another game want to donate their account for the benefit of others.


While most account holders are experienced players, you may notice that some of them are still new to the game; However, this is not important. The crucial first thing is to create an account, after which you can progress through the game levels, which are decided by your current level.


Free pubg accounts with passwords 2022

As we usually say, the point of advertising these accounts is to maximize their use rather than monopolize them, so pick one and leave the rest to others.

  • Try another account if the account you're using doesn't work for you and you know it's been stolen before.
  • · You will earn free rewards and paid premiums if you create an account in the manner described below.
  • Get a free PUBG account on your phone
  • Log in for the first time and you will get 800 UC for free.
  • Free pistol skins are available for a number of firearms. Among them are the M416, AKM, DP 28, Scar-L, M16A4 and M762 UMPs.
  • Apart from snipers like KR 98 and M24. AWM, S12k Carbines and a large number of others
  • Ten thousand (100,000) pounds sterling
  • Silver in the amount of 2,000 (20,000)



The most important section of our topic came today, which is to display the link of the games site for free on the technical Faris website to work on mobile devices that run on different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, I advise you to start to experience the wonderful games now. 

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