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Today's Wordle answer and hints — solution #304, Tuesday, April 19

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Today's Wordle answer and hints — solution #304, Tuesday, April 19

'Wordle 304 X' is already trending on Twitter, and today's games have a recurring theme: yup, it is another WATCH-style response with numerous options. This tweet encapsulates everything you need to know:

Obviously, some suggestions would be beneficial; after all, a Wordle failure is never more than six guesses away. I have played every Wordle so far and have only lost once, so I have got lots of Wordle advice to provide. I have also gone over each Wordle answer for patterns and have some additional suggestions for you there.

Every day, I will add recommendations to this post to assist you in finding today's Wordle answer. If the tips are not enough, I will even give you the answer in case you get stuck or do not have time to finish the puzzle today.

So be forewarned: there will be spoilers for game #304. Only continue reading if you want to know the Wordle answer for today!

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wordle game today


My first piece of advice is to use one of the best Wordle start terms for each game. Here are some additional precise hints to today's Wordle answer if you want them:

It contains two vowels*.


  • It comes to an end with a frequent letter.
  • There are no letters that are repeated.
  • You will have a hard time if you play on Hard difficulty.
  • * When I say vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, and U. Other letters can be considered vowels depending on how they are used.

Those suggestions should help you figure out at least part of the answer to today's Wordle puzzle. If not, you can continue reading for a more detailed explanation; or, if you want, you can skip through to the next section.

So, what is the Wordle answer for today's game #304?


It is FOYER, and I am not going to keep you waiting any longer.

This could be the most difficult Wordle puzzle we have had in a long time — certainly the most difficult since NATAL and COMMA approximately two weeks ago. The issue here is not that it is an obscure term or that it has repeated characters — it is simply that there are so many possible replies with the same format.

As I mentioned earlier, 'Wordle 304 X' is already trending on Twitter (at number two!) and I am seeing a lot of individuals break their streak with the same game. Here's another illustration:

The parallel green lines convey the entire story: there are simply too many alternatives that employ the _O ER format.

After checking the amazing Wordle Solver tool, I discovered that even with the O, E, and R in place, there are 58 alternatives. And the majority of those 58 are likely to be correct Wordle responses.

I got today's Wordle answer in 4/6 by making a random guess to narrow things down; it is something I would not be able to achieve on Hard mode, so good luck to you if that is how you play.

As is customary, I began by playing one of the best Wordle start words, STARE. I got a yellow R and E as a result of that. For various reasons, I frequently play LONER as my next word in these situations. O is the next most common vowel, while L and N are the most common consonants that do not appear in my start word, as I show in my study of every Wordle solution. Furthermore, ER is the most prevalent ending.


I got three green letters as a result of this, but I quickly realized I was still a long way from the answer. I started brainstorming answers in my head, but there were so many that I quickly moved to writing them down on a notepad. I had an idea.

In any case, there were far too many possibilities to choose from: HOVER, MOWER, POKER, ROGER, DOZER, BOXER, CODER, GOFER, JOKER, COWER, and so on. In reality, there were 16 distinct letters that could have appeared in those final two spots, and the only ones I could rule out were Q, U, and I.

I knew I would have to make a wild guess, so I tried to come up with words that had at least four of the remaining letters. I then counted how many viable words this ruled out for each one (or in). RHYME, which incorporated letters from eight of my possible 23 solutions, was the best I could come up with.


According to the New York Times' new WordleBot tool, this was a good option, but my success was largely down to luck, and I should have played WHOMP instead. Technically, you are correct – that would have eliminated 12 options. But, as it turned out, RHYME was a far better option, because after that Y turned green, I just had one other option.

So there you have it: today's Wordle is a real treat. FOYER is not even a rare term: according to Word and Phrase Info, it is the 9,811th most commonly used word in English, making it even more common than yesterday's answer, FLAIR.


That is, after all, one of the reasons that makes Wordle such a fun game to play: there is (nearly) always a new challenge each day. Leave a comment or send me an email to let me know how you did.