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Download Evil Dead Game Free

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Download Evil Dead Game Free

Download Evil Dead Game Free

Evil Dead: Regeneration is a third-person hack-and-slash game based on the popular Evil Dead horror films from the 1980s. This funny and nasty adventure follows the chainsaw-wielding Ash on yet another deadly excursion in an alternate universe after the events of Evil Dead II. Players go through linear areas, cutting down adversaries and completing numerous challenges, similar to games like God of War and Devil May Cry. Regeneration is a satisfying and aloof action game with only a few glaring flaws for fans of the Evil Dead film series.

Characteristics of the Game

·       Action-packed hack and slash game

·       Horror fiction with a twist

·       Six different weapons to master


The story of Evil Dead: Regeneration is set in a world where the events of the third Evil Dead film, Army of Darkness, never happen. After the events of Evil Dead II, the main character Ash has been committed to Sunny Meadows, a mental institution, rather than wandering through time. Instead of taking Ash seriously, the world believes his recollections are the result of insanity, and he is committed to a mental institution. Unfortunately, the deadly Necronomicon has found its way into the hands of a mad doctor at Sunny Meadows, who plans to use the book's malevolent skills to obtain ultimate control. When the doctor's plan backfires, an army of deadites is let loose in the asylum, leaving Ash to rescue the day.

Sam, a new sidekick character that assists Ash in awkward circumstances while giving some extremely unpleasant humor, joins the quest. While the tale is not quite as fantastic as the films, it is a great combination of horror and comedy that stays true to the Evil Dead spirit.



Ash is built for furious hack 'n slash action, with a chainsaw for an arm and a shotgun in his hand. Evil Dead: Regeneration delivers in spades, with a gory and enjoyable combat system. You begin in the Sunny Meadows asylum and progress through linear stages, slaying opponents and gaining new weapons.


On either hand, Ash may wield a melee and ranged weapon, including his famous chainsaw, a flamethrower, and more. You can even perform gory finishing moves on dazed adversaries, complete with horrible animations. Ash can also engage "Evil Ash" mode, which fills him with wrath and causes him to deliver massive damage to adversaries. After a few stages, you will be joined by Sam, a small sidekick character who can help you with both combat and puzzles. Sam, unlike other gaming sidekicks, is designed to be thrown around, beaten up, and even killed in order to help Ash. Sam may quickly recover after death due to his half-deadite state, offering you many attempts at puzzles and obstacles.

Download Evil Dead Game

What you can get out of a twenty-dollar game is quite astonishing. If you recall nothing else from this review, keep in mind that while this game is cheap, it deserves to be, and it is still pleasant and worthwhile.

Fans of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead flicks have long hoped for a title that was actually worth playing, despite the franchise's popularity and abuse. That changes in Evil Dead Regeneration. This time, Ash is accompanied by a sidekick, Sam, a dwarf who has been transformed into a deadite, and the game is held together by a loose narrative. Sam has kept his soul in the transaction, and not only gives humorous commentary, but can also be kicked at the foes you face. Sam can be used as a weapon, which is both politically incorrect and absurdly funny. That is something I will leave up to you to decide.


Although the game is entertaining, it is basically a standard platformer. While the gameplay is not really challenging, it is a great frolic with boomsticks and all. The acting of Bruce Campbell (Ash) and Ted Raimi (Sam), two of the Evil Dead series' actors, is, in my opinion, what makes the game truly entertaining, as they get plenty of opportunities to play up the comedy that made both Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness such fantastic comedy horror flicks.


Unfortunately, the game has little or no replay value at the end of the day. You have seen the entire game once you have completed all of the levels, and if you did it like I did and collected the small bonus items scattered throughout the game, you have also seen all of the 'extras,' which include some truly outstanding, if dated, recordings of Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi hamming it up at the recording stand.


This title may only cost $20, but it is well worth it, and it is actually rather nice for a short period of time. Overall, I got about 6 hours of playtime out of it, but you may get even more, and it is without a doubt the best Evil Dead game to date.


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