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Suns vs. Mavericks Game 7: Dallas dominates Phoenix wire-to-wire to advance to Conference Finals

Suns vs. Mavericks Game 7

Suns vs. Mavericks Game 7: Dallas dominates Phoenix wire-to-wire to advance to Conference Finals

The Dallas Mavericks stunned the NBA's greatest team this season, defeating the Phoenix Suns in a game that went down to the wire.


The Mavericks never trailed and led by as many as 46 points en route to their first berth in the Western Conference Finals since 2011.


Dallas had too much firepower for the Suns to handle, thanks to Luka Doncic's 35 points, Spencer Dinwiddie's 30 points, and Jalen Brunson's 24 points.


No Phoenix player scored more than 13 points, with Devin Booker (11 points), Chris Paul (10 points), and Deandre Ayton (5 points) combining for just 26 points.


The Sporting News had you covered with live updates, highlights, and more on this emphatic triumph.


Suns vs. Mavericks Game 7: Live score, updates and highlights


The Mavericks swept the Suns, advancing to the Western Conference Finals on a wire-to-wire triumph.


Dallas led by as many as 46 points and had perfect control of the game throughout. Luka Doncic was outstanding, scoring 35 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, and dishing out four assists, while Spencer Dinwiddie scored 30 points off the bench for the Mavericks. Jalen Brunson added 24 points to help the Thunder nearly outscore the Suns.


Phoenix did not have a single player score more than 13 points all night, with Devin Booker (11 points) and Chris Paul (10 points) both struggling.


The Footprint Center is deafeningly quiet. With 6:44 remaining, the Suns are down 109-65 and have never led in this game. Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson continue to bear the load for the Mavericks while Luka Doncic waits on the bench.


Brunson now has 24 points on the night, surpassing the 20-point milestone.


End of third quarter: Mavericks 92, Suns 50


It is difficult to believe what we are seeing here. After three quarters, the Mavericks have a 42-point advantage, utterly routing a Suns team that had the best record in the NBA all season.


With 35 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists, Luka Doncic has been outstanding. With 26 points off the bench, Spencer Dinwiddie is still going strong. Phoenix has no player with more than 11 points.


In every sense of the word, this is a thrashing.


This game has completely gotten out of hand. Luka Doncic's 33 points and 10 rebounds have propelled the Mavericks to a 40-point lead.


The Suns' stars have been unable to find success. Deandre Ayton has five points on 2-of-5 shooting and Devin Booker has nine points on 2-of-11 shooting. Chris Paul has three points on 1-of-5 shooting.


The Mavericks' 30-point advantage is the greatest halftime lead in Game 7 ever, according to ESPN's Kirk Goldsberry.


At home, the Suns are being booed. Luka Doncic has the same number of points (27) as the entire Phoenix team after two quarters.


In fact, if Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie combined for 27 points, the Mavericks would have a 21-point advantage over the Suns.


So far, this one has been all Mavericks.


The Mavericks have stunned the Suns. Dallas has taken entire control of the game, leading the Suns 45-25 after another clutch basket by Luka Doncic.


Dinwiddie, Spencer! In the opening three minutes of the second quarter, the Mavericks led 34-22 thanks to the reserve guard's 13 points off the bench.


To thus early in the game, Dallas has managed to keep the star trio of Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and Deandre Ayton without a field goal.


End of first quarter: Mavericks 27, Suns 17


In Game 7, the Mavericks have come out strong on the road. Luka Doncic is already feeling it and is letting the Suns know. Dallas now has a 10-point lead thanks to his 12 points, eight rebounds, and three assists.


Chris Paul and Devin Booker have struggled to get going, shooting a combined 0-for-7 from the field.


In Game 7, Luka Doncic is not afraid of the pressure. The teenage star gets off to a fast start, scoring eight points in the first six minutes of the game to put the Mavericks up 10-5.