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vexcode vr platform

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vexcode vr platform

vexcode vr: Welcome to the "Technical Knight" website, dear visitors. We offer a connection to the features of the vexcode VR platform, the vexcode VR platform, to our visitors. This, along with another Microsoft platform called makecode.microbit.org, has gone viral. Code by Microsoft.

Millions of students around the world have used distance learning to continue their studies while schools are closed due to the pandemic. However, not every class material can be easily transferred to the e-learning environment. Diving deep into robotics, for example, may require physical technology that little ones at home lack.

abaut vexcode vr platform

VEX Robotics created VEXcode VR to meet this demand (Virtual Robot). It is a web-based program that teaches computer science to people who do not have access to VEX Robot at home. The program will be offered free of charge. There is no need to install any software, and it works on all major computers and tablets.


Educators will also be able to augment their children's science and technology education with VEXcode VR. Keeping kids interested and excited about the power of robotics, as well as engineering and math, entire STEM branches of VEXcode, the global VEX Robotics coding system, are used in this resource. As a result, students can program their virtual bot and watch it answer in real time on desktop or tablet screens.


In VEX Robotics, you can also create a team to practice VEXcode VR tasks, which will help teachers quickly set up and get their lessons up and running. At education.vex.com/vr you can find lessons.


Features of VEXcode VR

  • Web: No software to install. All major desktop and tablet browsers support VEXcode VR.
  • Users can program combinations of commands to cross, sensors to aid in maze solving, pen features with an artboard to encode creative artwork, and new electromagnets to interact with game elements in challenges using a pre-built bot.
  • Virtual stadiums: To take advantage of the virtual bot's features, users can choose from a variety of 3D virtual stadiums. Viewpoint control, where the robot runs the code, visual data on the stadium information board, stadiums with gridded worlds, drawing boards, and walled mazes are among other features.
  • Challenges and Activities: Teachers can add or change activities in Google Docs.

vexcode vr platform


vexcode vr link: here