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Manga ONE PIECE Chapter 1058

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Manga ONE PIECE Chapter 1058

Manga One Piece 1058: Welcome, my dear friends, visitors of the Technical Knight website, today we present to you the manga ONE PIECE, chapter 1058, with a direct link.

Manga One Piece 1058

The release of the next chapter of the manga One Piece has been postponed. When will chapters 1058 and 1057 be available, and when were the first online spoilers?


Next week, a week after the holiday, Eiichiro Oda will be publishing the long-awaited 1057 chapter of One Piece. Interestingly enough, some of the first chapter leaks have already surfaced, which is bad news for Yamato fans.

About manga ONE PIECE Chapter 1058

The final chapter of the One Piece manga has begun, and the manga has indicated that it intends to finish the plot in the following three years. The conflict between Kaido and Luffy was recently resolved in the manga. In order to free Wanokuni from Kaido's control and transform into one of the Four Emperors of the Seas, Captain Straw Hat launched the Gear 5 transformation.


After the release of Red, an all-new theatrical movie, and its immediate spread, the One Piece franchise is now competitive.


The new movie, which currently earns 5 billion yen (about $37 million), not only had One Piece's best opening day ever, but also had the second highest opening day in Japanese box office history.


However, the One Piece manga series is currently in the news as news of an impending delay is circulating on the internet. Why is Chapter 1058 delayed, when will it be released now, and what are the initial spoilers leaked?


The linked part is categorized as such as this page may include One Piece 1057 leaks, so read at your own risk.


One Piece 1058 leaks

We witness Shanks' arrival at Wano Country Beach, where he discovers Luffy's achievements. However, the red-haired pirate decided to search for the fortunes of One Piece instead of meeting with Luffy. Recent leaks indicate that the Straw Hats will be leaving Onigashima in chapter 1057, called "The Conclusion", so it seems that Luffy too is no longer wasting time in the land of Wano.


According to spoilers, the Wano Country arc will be completed in the next chapter. The Wano nation will be abandoned by Luffy, Kid and Luo, and Momonsky will bid farewell to his comrades. Although Yamato has already joined Luffy's crew, he is not yet ready to leave from Wano. Yamato will reportedly object to leaving the island because he wants to explore Wanokuni first. When Momo, Kinemon, and Yamato decide to become pirates, the new Luffy Shogun hands his flag and promises to return them. Finally, the Straw Hats leave the island, and Momo begins to search for a location to raise Luffy's flag.


Chapter 1058 of ONE PIECE

Fans all over the world will have to wait a little longer to read Chapter 1058 because the One Piece manga series will be off for a bit this week in Japan.


The group responsible for locally publishing One Piece manga, Shueisha, allegedly planned a holiday at their offices, which is the reason for the delay.


This means that all Shueisha posts, such as One Piece, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen, will be delayed at least next week.


The good news is that the One Piece manga delay shouldn't last long. Since then, Viz Media has verified that Chapter 1057 of One Piece will now be available in English worldwide on Sunday, August 21.


One piece manga chapter 1058 leaks

Although the One Piece manga series took a short break this week, the first spoilers for Chapter 1058 have already been posted online.


Read at your own risk as this section may contain potential spoilers for One Piece 1058 chapter.


OPspoiler, a trusted source for the latest One Piece news, posted the first spoilers on social media.


The upcoming manga chapter entitled "Conclusion" is expected to cover the following narrative points:


Farewell to Luffy, the Straw Hats, and some other people, Momonosuke, Kinemon, and Yamato.

Since the Luffy and Straw Hats first passed through Wanokuni before later setting out on an ocean adventure, Yamato chose not to travel with them.

When it is time for the group to return to explore the sea, Luffy chooses to give Momonosuke his flag and promises to find the others.


Leaving behind Ancon, Kidd, Lou and their gangs.

Momonosuke wonders where to place the flag as the end of the chapter approaches, marking the end of the Wanokuni arc and the third chapter.

By Thursday, August 18, the blanket spoilers should be available online. Be sure to check back for the latest information.